Thursday, May 28, 2015

Plateau . .

I'm not crying but I am getting frustrated. I track my weight daily.  I put it in my fitbit app (which syncs to myfitnesspal I think?).  But I write it down also.  Call me old school.  

I ended the cleanse at 181.6.  I did it 181.2.  Keep in mind 181 is 30 lbs down.  I'be been hovering within a few lbs for too long!  184 was my highest, not sure what happened there.  That might have been when I pigged out on McD's and all kinds of other crap.  But all in all I've been consistent on the scale and it's frustrating!!!!

It's beautiful up here on this plateau, but seriously I'm done hanging out.  I like how I look, but I have goals.  Staying here is not part of the plan.  I've been eating really well the last 2 days. . . trying to bust through by being perfectly perfect!   It's definitely the biggest challenge I've had so far this year.  I'm determined to stay the course and get off the plateau.  I'm being patient. . . . 

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