Monday, May 4, 2015

Progress on the cleanse

Today is day 6 of the Advocare Herbal Cleanse.  Yesterday I hit my lowest weight of the year.  Heck of last year too. 

I totally did a happy dance on the scale.  6.2 lbs lost since I started the cleanse.  Today I weighed 185.2, 185.6 and 185.8 . . . three times on the scale.  I gave up and called it a wash.  Tomorrow hopefully I'm in the 184's. 

I'm wearing my favorite Silver jeans.  I wore them at Rolex as that was a huge goal of mine. I  wore them there in 2012 and not again since cause I couldn't fit.  I kind of still can't fit as they are lower waisted and give me a slight muffin top, but they look rocking everywhere else so I deal.  I wear a thin jacket all day at work anyways. :)

On FB someone asked me how hungry people are when they do the cleanse.  The point is to eat and eat clean and healthy.  Not starve.  This was my breakfast on Saturday morning:

2 eggs, turkey sausage and quinoa.  M-F at work I eat 2 scrambled eggs and quinoa.  I prep the eggs on Sunday and reheat them at work when I eat breakfast. 

Here is a lunch from this weekend.  I just threw it together cause it sounded good: 

That's quinoa, a can of turkey and a hard boiled egg.  Can you tell I love quinoa.  We make it in chicken broth instead of water.  It adds a little taste to it.  This lunch was smaller than I'd normally eat probably.  I eat a ginormous salad every day at work.  But I was busy this weekend and didn't have a lot of time and I wasn't all that hungry.  

I'm really loving the cleanse again. I liked it the first time. Cravings for sweets are minimal.  If I see it I want it, but I don't think much about it.  Last night I put some Albanese chocolate and gummies (the best gummies in the world) into containers for air tight keeping.  My friend lives near Albanese and brings me an order to Rolex every year.  It was hard to play with all the chocolate I had and not shove some in my mouth.  But again I was handling it.  It was in my face.  Out of sight and I don't think much of it.  

Today there is birthday cake at work.  I'm ignoring it.  I sit downstairs.  It's upstairs.  I won't go upstairs unless I absolutely have to.  And hopefully by the time I would need to the cake will be gone :)

I see my blogs appear to be getting read by a few people consistently.  At least I assume it's the same people.  But I haven't had comments for a while.  If you are reading and you have any questions, please ask!  I'm truly in love with my new lifestyle!  I have to go see my thyroid doc soon.  I'm trying to wait till I see the 170's before I make the appt.  I kind of want to shock her with my weight loss! :)  Though I think she'd be impressed with where I am now.  Her scale will weigh me heavier - afternoon, fully clothed, etc - so I'd like to lose 10 more lbs if I can.  175 is a huge goal for me and my body might resist it for a bit.  But I'm on this journey to stay.  I don't see any detours. 

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