Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I ran 5 miles!

Yeah so I have done 5 miles.  I've done 6 miles.  All in my training for the Hot Chocolate 15K.  But I haven't run the whole entire time.  I'm still kind of figuring out my fitness level and quite honestly I might be allowing myself to walk when I don't need to.  Whatever the case, my running mojo isn't quite where it was before I got sick.   But yesterday I left work, drove to the park in town to start running so that I could beat sunset.  The town I work in is much more hilly than the town I live in. So I was worried about running the whole 5.  There's a 1 mile loop at the park that has some hills that look small, but 5 times around would be killer. So I went around it once, then headed to the main street which is more flat.  I ran till I hit 2.5 and then turned around and ran back to the park doing another loop.  I was pretty proud of myself!

The funny thing here is that the pace of 11:36 is the *same* pace as the last time I did 5 miles when I walked 1/4th of a mile in the middle. I find that amusing and disappointing.

Remember the phone drama I spoke of in my last post?  We returned all the phones to Best Buy on Saturday and rolled back our contract.  I'm not sure what we will do.  I honestly want my husband to get on his own plan.  Why?  Because I don't think we'll be together for 2 more years.  So separating the plans later would be more complicated.  I guess that's only *if* I upgrade the 2 year contract.  Otherwise, the no contract options that providers are doing these days would be much easier to separate.

So here I am back to my cracked Galaxy S4 and hating every minute.  The phone is laggy and the cracked screen is annoying.  Plus I think it's kind of faulty to touch as when I'm typing suddenly words that I had no intention of typing are flying on the screen.  Oh well.  I also took the insurance on all these phones off my Sprint plan cause let's be honest - that's a scam. 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday weigh in and the cell phone drama

Well I guess I was consistent this week and maybe the Friday weigh in isn't really helping.  I don't know I just can't seem to buckle down and be clean all the time.  I really want to hang around 181 for a while.  I just gotta buckle down and do it I guess.  But at least I pretty much just stayed the same this week.

I have been running and following Hal Higdon's training plan for the 15K.  This was a step back week so not too much to report.  So far I've done two 3-mile runs on the treadmill.  I have a 4 mile run this weekend.  Last night's run on the treadmill was one of my best feeling runs since I started running after my illness.  I'd really like  to get my fitness level back and be able to run consistently without any walk breaks.

There's been some cell phone drama going on.  I have three lines on my Sprint account: me, my husband and my mom.  And we were due for upgrades.  And we could still get a subsidized phone on Sprint and get another 2 year contract.  All phone providers are going to the lease a phone, no contract options.  So we upgraded last Friday and got three Samsung Galaxy S6 phones.  And we hate the battery life.  I adore the freaking phone but despise the battery life.  And so that makes me worry what it will be like in 6 months. . . 12 months. .  the whole second year of owning it?  So we are pondering switching to Verizon just for the Motorola Droid Turbo 2.  It is shatterproof which is amazing.  But I've only own Samsung smartphones.  And I've only ever been with Sprint. So there's some anxiety in switching and I don't know which way I want to go. This is causing arguments with my husband and I.  And tears of stress with me.  Just over a phone.  Honestly though for me, the issue is really that my life is pretty stressful and sucky that the little things are stressing me out more.  What to do?  I have unlimited data on Sprint.  Should I really switch and pay more/same for LIMITED data?!  AH!!!  Any advice is welcome. :) 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday weigh in & reflections on a birthday

Monday weigh in's are over rated.  Weighing in right after the weekend is tough cause you gotta be perfect. I'm more apt to be perfect M-F than F-M. :)   So here it is, the first Friday weigh in.  Kind of sucks, but I was off work on Wed and ate out.  Yesterday was my birthday so of course there were sweets.  But no time like the present to be accountable.  So here it is.

As I said, yesterday was my Birthday.  They are also over rated.  Except for one thing this year - I'm finally no longer 36.  I don't remember if I posted about this here on my blog.  I have long felt like 36 would be a bad year.  My aunt passed away at 36 (leaving behind a 3 and 5 year old).  I have always felt like I took after my aunt in many ways of life.  And I've been afraid of 36.  I turned 36 and time went by and I kind of forgot about it.  Until I got slammed with that crazy undiagnosed illness.  I was scared. Here it was - the 36 year old curse.  I got better though thankfully.  And here I am - 37.

I'm not one to play the "it's my birthday" card, but I wanted to last night.  My husband was an ass.  There's no other way to say it.  His tractor broke down and it will likely be a large repair. I get that it sucks. But don't take it out on me.  But he did.  He was in a pissed off mood.  He tells me his left arm has been bothering him for 2+ weeks - he can't feel it.  What does that mean?  But I say what are you going to do about it.  And that leads to this tirade on insurance and Obama.  *eye roll*  Give me a break.  I get you pay for health insurance.  I get that it went up.  But what I also get is that you pay a premium and you go to the Dr and you then pay the negotiated fee.  This did *not* change.  Nope. Not at all.  And he's bitching about having to pay the Dr.  Really?  I mean do you expect it to be free?  It's never been free!   So I flat out told him to shut it because I didn't want my night ruined.  But it already was.

I showered and left and went to my brother's house.  My mom was there helping my brother with the kids (he had a work accident and cannot manage both kids right now during recovery).  My SIL was at a meeting.  My nephew called me and said he had a gift for me. My mom had my gift with her.  So I left my husband at home cause I want not bringing Mr. Cranky Pants with me. I was there for about 2 hours and came home and slept on the couch.  Happy Birthday to me!

But. . . the highlights were that when my coworker found out it was my birthday he bought some of those yummy Lofthouse cookies when he went out the get lunch.  How nice!  I love those things.  And someone at my barn made this awesome smores brownie concoction.  My barn owner gave me a can of Ski when I got there and I ate 2 piece of this yumminess.

So not was all bad, but it could have been better.  Such is life though and I really need to decide how long to continue with this relationship that has the same unresolved issues over and over again.

The drama of the week (or the past couple weeks) is that my cell phone contract is up on the 27th.  I have Sprint and I've had Sprint for 17+ years.  I brought my husband from Verizon . .  back when we were dating maybe?  Or engaged.   And we got a share plan.  My mom is my 3rd line.  And I'm trying to frantically figure out what to do about the phones.  It's complicated and this new rent-a-phone idea everyone has is not in the best interest of the consumer.  This is also causing stress with my husband.  Why?  I have no idea.  I pay the phone bill and I'm trying to find the best deal.  I had a call set up with Sprint last night and when they called me my husband started mumbling and grumbling "just get the free phone and be done with it". I couldn't hardly hear the lady on the phone.  He was acting like a child.  You know what? If I want to ask Sprint to do something for me given that I've been a customer for so long, then what's it to him?   But boy oh boy is this causing him to get pissed off.  And then he says he'll just go get his own phone.  Well I'm tempted to let him.  He can go get his own plan cause I'll likely renew a 2 year contract with Sprint, and I'm starting to wonder if he and I will be together for 2 more years.  And splitting the plan apart might be a pain.  So maybe I should just let him go off and figure this out for himself.  Cause phone plans suck. The math is confusing.  And I have a degree in math!  I told that to the lady at the Sprint store a couple weeks ago.  I said "I have a degree in math and this makes me feel stupid".   

Have a great weekend to whoever reads this little blog! :) 

Monday, November 9, 2015

A different weigh in day. . .

I don't think Mondays are the best day for me to weigh in.  I tend to drink less water over the weekend and if I cheat it's usually a weekend day. So I'm artificially up on Mondays.  However, here it is - big ol gain. . . I gained everything back.

This is beyond discouraging.  HUGE.  I ran 5 miles on Sat.  I was up a bit on Sunday.  I expected it.  A run can push me up.  And I didn't eat the best, but I was very active that day - walking a huge craft fair with my mom.  I was on track yesterday but I still went up. So I don't know.  I need to get this under control before I pack on *more* weight over the holidays.  I'm thinking of doing the Advocare 10 day cleanse again.  I just ordered one to have on hand as I sold the one I had.  I could start Friday.  I'm off Wed.  My birthday is Thurs.  So I don't want to start before then.

Like I said, I went to a craft fair this weekend. . . this was my favorite purchase!!!


I love snowmen.  I keep them out all year around in my house.  It's never the wrong time for some snowman love.  This guy is sitting on the shelf of a new floor lamp we got a few months back.  Perfect spot.  He's so freaking cute!!!

At the end of last week I finally finished the crochet afghan I'm sending to my friend in TN.

As far as I know she doesn't read this blog.  I hope! :)  I'm not going to lie, I'd have loved to keep it for myself.  I hope she loves it!  I bought more yarn this weekend to start my next project.  A baby blanket for my brother's girlfriend. 

These are the colors that I chose and now I need to find a pattern! :) 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Finally some progress!

So I buckled down as best as I could last week and told myself that I would not mess up this weekend.  And finally there's progress on the scale!  That being said I should say that I got a 24 hour stomach bug on Saturday night and threw up once.  That definitely helped the scale.  The next morning I was down 2 lbs.  Then yesterday (Sunday) I ate a lot of crap.  All I wanted for lunch was waffle fries from Arby's.  Don't ask me why, but I got them and a Jr roast beef sandwich.  Yum!   I had ice cream for dinner.  The scale went up but not too much.

That's a loss of 4.6 lbs.  I would bet a bit is artificial.  We'll see what happens this week.  I'll take it for now and hope to carry it forward.  My fat % went up which I thought was interesting.  So many things affect that fat monitor though including dehydration and I suspect I am a bit dehydrated.

I got to ride Eli on Saturday before I got sick.  I put his Back On Track blanket on for 30+ mins before riding.  I've never been able to implement this well enough to know if it's helpful.  He's not making much improvement and I'm tired of sending the vet more videos.  He just requested more last night.  I'd rather just take him back for the bone scan.  That would be the next step.  It's hard to keep making videos of me riding.  I need another person.  And it's been a month since we had the neck injections and there isn't really any progress to be had.  So I'm ready for the next step.

I won these mums from a local orchard on FB last week.  Who knew someone actually won those things? :)  I haven't bought any mums so this was great!