Wednesday, April 29, 2015

10 Day Cleanse

Today I'm starting to Advocare 10 Say Cleanse.   It's the first phase of the 24 day challenge and it can be done solo or as part of the challenge.   This is a very busy time of year for us, as my husband is starting field work.  So I got him to commit to the 10 days, so we are doing the cleanse solo. 

I'm embarrassed to show my current weight.  I can't believe how much I've gained in one lousy week. 

The last weight I posted was 185.4 and my BMI was 26.6 ("normal").  When I left for KY I was 186 that morning.  

Gosh that photo is totally not readable.  It's 191.4.  Ugh!  I'm so sad about this.  I can't wait to rock the cleanse and I hope to get to the low 180's asap.  Fingers crossed!  I know it will be a challenge as it's only 10 days and I am a lower weight than the last time I started this gig.  I'm optimistic though. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Stuffed my face

I'm back from Rolex.  I apparently stuffed my face.  A  lot.  I gained over 4 lbs in 5 days.  I gained another pound yesterday stuffing my face some more. :(   Ugh.  Seriously.  I know what I ate.  I ate a lot.  I though the walking would help, but I learned (from wearing my fitbit) that there isn't as much walking as I thought.   Some days it was hard to reach my step goal.  When you walk from the press center, to the stadium and stand there for hours taking pics of dressage, you don't get any steps.  This is me in the dressage ring.

I'm really bummed about this, but I'm determined that today will be a good day.  My hubby and I are starting the Advocare cleanse this week (tomorrow I think) and that will help.  I'm excited to cleanse again!

I might have mentioned I bought my first pair of skinny jeans.  Jeggings I suppose.   I bought them to wear with my Dubarry boots at Rolex.  I saved and saved and bought the boots last year.  This year the weather sucked royally on cross country day and I didn't want to even wear my boots.  Yes they are made for rain and water and crappy weather.   And yes I baby the shit out of them cause they cost a pretty penny.  But I was convinced they would live.  So I wore them.

And I was pretty dang happy with how I looked.  Too bad I was a drowned rat at the end of the day and even during the day, I was covered in a rain jacket and a poncho and no one could see how great I looked.  :)

Every year they have a contest for the media.  You fill out an entry stating which horse and rider you think will win.  The entries have to be in by noon on Friday.  At the press conference following the competition on Sunday, everyone that chose correctly gets thrown into a hat.  The winning rider selects a winner.  This year I actually chose the winning horse and rider (with the help of a friend) and Michael Jung selected me!

You win a bottle of champagne.  A  big bottle of champagne.  Apparently bottles are named after biblical kings.  I got a Jeroboam of champagne. I'm a beer and wine girl and I was underwhelmed. I knew the prize was champagne, but it was still fun to actually win (heck it was exciting to know my name finally got in the hat cause I chose the right horse and rider!).   But what will I do with a huge bottle of champagne?  A Jeroboam is the equivalent to 4 bottles!  I got home, cracked open the crate and then decided to see what this bottle is worth. . . . umm . . . maybe I should sell it! I'd rather have the money!!! 

The story of this year's Rolex is about this adorably cute jacket I bought.  It's an Ariat jacket and it's water resistant.  It wasn't cheap ($180 after tax)

Did I mention I shopped like a crazy woman?  Well I wore this jacket Saturday during the craptastic rainy weather.  Then I had it on Sunday.  Low and behold Sunday was the only day I got hot.  I was sitting in the media seating for stadium jumping.  I hung my jacket on the rail in front of me. Just like the smoking hot dude next to me did.  After stadium I met up with my friend and we went back to the press center.  We had the press conference, I sorted photos and put them on a flash drive to transfer to the guy in charge of our group, I changed clothes for the trip home. . . . it's now 5:15 pm.  Jumping ended around 3 or just before?   I'm sitting there chatting, waiting for the photos to transfer. . . . when suddenly - where is my jacket?!?!  OMG!   I ripped my bags apart, but I don't remember having the jacket when I left the stadium after jumping.  Holy crap!   My brand new jacket - left hanging on the rail in front of my seat.  A friend tries to find out where lost and found is - but let's be real - no one is going to turn in a jacket like this.  I race back to the stadium . . . running almost the whole way.   I went in at the opposite end of where I sat, ducked into the seating area as the aisle connects all the way across. . . I look to my section, people are there packing things up. . . I spy my jacket on the rail - hallelujah!!!!!   I sprint to my area and grab my jacket.  Whew!  I have no idea how I had such luck.  I was sitting in an area that was split between media and rider friends/family so the access was limited.   I bet if I was in general public seating the jacket wouldn't have been there.  Who knows.  Maybe there are good people in this world! I'm so thankful I thought of it before I left - I was about 5 mins from leaving the park to drive home.  I'm so thankful it was right where I left it. If it hadn't been I'd have probably cried all the way home.  On the race back to my seat, I couldn't decide if I should cry or be super duper pissed at myself!  But it all worked out in the end.   Another Rolex (my 11th - my first was 2005 according to my friend) is in the books.  Next up is the PanAm Games in Toronto Canada.  The question of the day is: do I drive (11.5 hours without stops according to google) or fly to Toronto? 

Monday, April 20, 2015

25 pounds . . . and my "roll"

Whoop! Whoop!!!!!!!

25.6 lbs down!  *Finally*   186 was the 25 lb mark and I was 186.4 the day I left for Europe.  Gosh it took me a bit to finally see this.  And what else do you see???   Finally a "normal" BMI.  The last time I used the fat monitor my BMI was over 27 and it was "high".  Woo hoo!!!!  

Yesterday I woke up wither either allergies or a head cold.  How do you tell?  I never though I had allergies until these past several years.  Blah!  My throat was scratchy, my eye itched, my nose was a leaky faucet.  . . that all probably helped me see this number on the scale.  I just didn't feel much like eating, but I did run 3 miles, ride Eli and do errands.  So I was active. I ate a crap ton of fruit cause when I have a sore throat I like food to go down and scratch/rub it.  :)  Strange I know.

Saturday we went to out first Cardinals game of the year.  I got a new shirt before I left for Europe and I gotta tell you I felt like I looked good and bad at the same time. The shirt didn't hide much cause it was fitted and white.   I had my hubby take a photo. 

*ALL* I see in this photo is my dreaded fat roll.  Ugh.  I told my hubby to let me know when it's showing.  I can hide it.  I can stand in ways that hide it.  I just don't always know when it's making an appearance.  I had him take one from the waist up cause I was afraid it was showing.  That's the one I posted to FB. :)   I swear. . . .   back in the day I had this friend who has quite the belly pooch.  We would shop a lot together.  She was jealous of the fact that I didn't seem to have a pooch.  I would say that isn't true and never was.  But my stomach has always been less poochy than hers.  However she doesn't have a muffin top roll.  She once said she wouldn't give up her pooch if it meant having a roll.  Cause she sees how hard it is to hide.  However, even though I hate it, I'm pleased with my progress and how I look :) 

I'm really trying hard not to push Advocare on my FB.  I get sick and tired of friends that only post about shit they sell.  But it's hard cause I'm so excited about it.  I just never dreamed I'd reach 25 lbs this early in the year.  Really I thought it'd be fall before I saw the 180's.  This is exciting.  I feel good, have more energy, have clearer skin. . . .and I get excited talking about it.  I want to help everyone! :)  But I know I have to wait and let them tell me when they are ready. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I don't have many friends.  I call it the "no kid" syndrome.  I don't have kids.  My "friends" have kids.  So therefore we are now in separate circles.  It's hard to make friends as an adult, especially one without kids.  Hell maybe it's been hard for me to make friends my whole life.  I don't know. . . 

When I was doing portrait photography I met a lady that was my age.  I did photos for her family until I quit doing photos. . .  I liked her.  Super friendly.  We got a long great.  We didn't necessarily do much socially (she has 2 kids) but we chatted on the phone occasionally, we messaged each other on FB.   *shrug*   I liked her.  

A few months back, I can't remember when, I saw we were no longer FB friends.  I wasn't sure what happened.   I asked her husband (we are FB friends) and he didn't know.  She told me she didn't unfriend me.  We became friends again. . . . no big shakes.   

Today I go to her page and guess what I see?  The Add Friend button. (gosh seeing that button stings)  Once again we aren't friends.  I say something to her husband.  Yup she unfriended me.  He doesn't want to get in the middle of it.  My feelings are hurt.  Beyond hurt.  Part of me is numb because I'm sick of passive aggressive FB shit.  But the part of me that likes her is hurt cause I thought I actually made a friend. . . as an adult. . . Ha!  Joke's on me huh? 

The kicker of this is that I had been pondering photographing her daughters.  Why?  Cause I love them.  And I was feeling the itch to take some photos.  Spring is here. . . the trees are starting to bloom. . . I was pondering a good photo location and wondering when I had time to do this. . . before I said anything. I'm sure as hell glad I didn't go to my messenger app and shoot her a message.  Cause that app doesn't tell you when you are no longer friends. 

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.   

But what are we?  In kindergarten?  Talk to me about what I did.  Why is that so hard?  But I guess I need to grow up and not let the childish shit - like unfriending me - bother me.  

Moving on. . . .   feelings hurt, but I'm moving on. What else is there to do? 

Monday, April 13, 2015

I'm an Advocare Distributor!

Oh my gosh!  I don't know where to start.  As you know I started with Advocare at the beginning of January and I lost 16.8 pounds with the 24 day challenge.  I responded really well to the challenge and I enjoyed it.  Both my husband and I have continued to use Advocare products and we both love them.  We don't see discontinuing their use at any point currently so I made the big decision to sign up to be a distributor.  

I have to say I went back and forth. . .and back and forth again. . . . I decided multiple times to sign up and talk to my hubby about it before doing so.  Then I never talked to him.  I kept changing my mind.  Finally after some messaging with a friend (who I would sign up under) I decided it felt like the right decision.  I brought it up to my hubby and he didn't even hesitate.  He was like - yes, I think you should.

I have to admit that I'm generally opposed to the multi level sales companies.  I'm highly opposed to the whole party concept and going to someone's house and feeling obligated to purchase.   Advocare doesn't really have those party/host concepts.  They do have mixers, but aren't really required and there isn't a host and I have no intention of doing one at this time.  I don't go to parties and will not invite people to a party.  What I will do is share the product.  Give some Spark samples. . .  share my story.  I love the product and I get excited when I talk about it.  Someone told me a couple months back that I was an Advocare poster child and should sign up to sell.  This was because I'd post about my success on FB and I was really excited and enjoying the product.

So here we go!  I have to place my first order this week.  I'm hoping to introduce the product to people and help them find a new lifestyle.  I really think that I will enjoy seeing other people succeed.   This isn't like pampered chef, thirty one, scensty. . . not that I'm knocking those companies.  I have product from all of them. .  but me selling those things was never going to be the right fit.  Advocare will allow me to help people. . . help them make healthy choices. .  . help them reach goals. . . share their journey with them.  I never thought that would be something that I might enjoy doing, but it seems like it will be.  I look forward to it!!  I sold one 24 challenge last night to Roger's sister and I'm so excited to she how she does.  I feel like she's committed and that's very important.

If you would like to check out their products, go to my website!  It's still in the works as I don't have a photo or a story yet.  I'll get there!

Here's a current photo of me, taken this weekend.  I was actually pretty happy with how I looked. I have 10 lbs to lose for my next goal, but I'll get there.  It's slower now, as is expected.  I have more travel next week so that doesn't speed up the weight loss unfortunately. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Low Maintenance

I'm a low maintenance kind of girl.  We have a casual dress code at work.  I wear jeans, a t-shirt and a light jacket every day.  All year around pretty much cause the temperature is off in my office and I'm most comfortable in that combo.  Though right now it's flipping freezing and I wonder if I'm going to have to dress for winter through the summer.  I rarely wear make up and my hair is always in a pony tail.  If I manage to start the day with the hair down, it's pulled back my lunch time. 

Sometimes I joke to my husband that he must be happy I'm not high maintenance.  It doesn't take me much time to get ready.  

But there are times I wish I dressed more. . . fashionable? Nicer?  Less casual . . . 

As I was packing for Europe I pondered what I'd wear the week I was in Belgium and dressing casual the whole time (as opposed to being at work in London).   My friend in Belgium wears lots of dresses and skirts even for casual wear.  That's not me.  That will likely never be me.  You can't teach an old dog new tricks!  Ha!  I'm too old to suddenly turn girly.  

But I'd like to take a step up from the t-shirts.  Before I left for my trip I was shopping at Maurice's.  My weight loss has put me in between sizing and I needed some jeans.  I have jeans that are too big and too small.  Ugh.   The joys of changing weight fairly often.  I also needed a pair of skinny jeans to wear with my Dubarry boots at Rolex later this month.  I did get a pair and hopefully I'll get a pic while I'm there and wearing them. :)   This is kind of a big deal as I think I'm too fat for skinny jeans. 

So back to Maurice's. . . while I was there I saw this light spring sweater and I liked it.  It's very not me.  But something about it said "try me on".  So I did.  And I paired it with the wrong color tank top.  But the very friendly sales associate helped me out and once she matched it with a different color I was sold.  My husband was with me at the time and he liked it even though "it's not really you".  Lol!  The sweater is something that is easy to snag, so not sure how often I'll wear it.  I did push through the jetlag and wear it to one of my Easter gatherings.  Why I find "dressing up" to be such a chore I don't know. . . . 

Photo taken with wet hair and everything :) 

I'm pondering another shopping trip to try to spruce up my clothing options, but that's work. . . . so who knows!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Back to the grind

I'm home!  My trip was pretty amazing.  Probably cause most of it was free for me. :)   London was gorgeous.  It was so nice to be in a foreign country that speaks the same language.  That makes things so much easier.  We didn't have a lot of time to do stuff because we were working M-F but we did finish up and take a half day on Friday.   That allowed us to go see Windsor Castle.  

I traveled to Belgium to see my friends and meet my little Goddaughter.  :) 

Living with a baby was quite an experience.   The baby rules the house, the life, the daily plans.  Whew!  

I ate so much yummy food!  I was worried about how much weight I would gain.  When I got to Belgium I got on my friend's scale.  I converted the kg to lb and thought - this scale must be whacked.   But imagine my surprise when I got home and saw I only gained 2.6 lbs.  Not too shabby for eating an *not* clean diet and eating out most of the time. 

I was at my lowest weight this year when I left!  I'm kind of sad to say I am 190.0 today.  I've gained a whole pound since I've been home.  *cry*  It's hard to buckle down and get back to the clean eating, but I can do it! 

 But given the food I've eaten I'm still happy with the fact that I'm within 5 lbs of where I left. 

London food: Honeycomb Cream Slice, Spotted Dick, Fish & Chips and Steak and Ale pie. 

Belgian food: chicken kebab, food from the frituur, home made videe, and croquette in Holland 

Belgian waffle with chocolate sprinkles!