Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Oh man.  I had a crappy day yesterday.  I ate chocolate at work.  I ate a small bag of chips. . . the little tiny bags you can get at Dollar General. They used to be like 4/$1 but I don't think they are anymore.  Legitimately they are one serving.  Then after having a dispute with my husband, he went to work the fields and I went to McD's. 

I got a cheeseburger happy meal with a large soda.  There were not enough fries in the happy meal.  Wow.  They are tiny servings.  I should got a regular value meal. lol!   I then proceeded to stuff my face with all kinds of chocolate at home after I ate this.   I also ate some icing when I decorated a cake that I made.  I had a pounding headache from the sugar on top of some crappy sinus headache that I had behind my eye all day.  It was fantastic.  I was up 0.8 lbs this morning.  183.0   I guess I should be thankful it wasn't any more.  But to be honest I could still go up tomorrow.  I need to be super good today and I'm really in a mood that isn't conducive to eating well.  I pretty much want to eat crap.  And I'm not sure why.  I don't know what's going on with me.  I generally don't really binge like I did yesterday.  And I have a goal to reach before Monday.  So I'm highly disappointed with myself.  I knew I was doing it and I kept shoving food in my face.  I have no excuses.  I just did it. 

So today will be better.  I will make it better.   That's my goal.  I'm not perfect.  I never claimed to be.  But I've been rocking this lifestyle this year and I don't know what is happening right now.  Maybe the stall in my weight loss?  Even though I'm really happy with my progress, how I look, how my clothes fit.  . . how I feel!  I will get back on track.  My personal life has been rough and disappointing so maybe that's why.  Moving onward and back on track!

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