Monday, May 11, 2015

Results of the Advocare Herbal Cleanse take 2

Saturday morning was the completion of my second Advocare Herbal Cleanse.  Whoop!  I cannot tell you how much I love being excited to get on the scale.  During the cleanse my weight never goes up.  It does stay the same - *exactly* the same, but in 2 rounds it has never gone up during the cleanse.   I love that.  I love not looking at the scale with dread.  

(drum roll). . . .  I lost 9.8 lbs!  I lost an inch off of each: waist, hip, thighs.  

My starting weight was 191.4.  I will admit that I wanted to kick the scale for not giving me that extra 0.2 for a grand total of 10 lbs.  But that's just my anal self wanting to see 10 lbs in 10 days.

I don't have a starting fat percent cause I don't always remember to use my fat monitor. But on the 3rd day of the cleanse I did use it and I was 32.2 % fat.  So about 1% down in fat %.  I will take that!

In a weird twist of scale freakiness, my husband lost exactly 9.8 lbs too. :)  He didn't take measurements much to my dismay.  Men! Hmph.  I can visibly see he's smaller, but I sure wish I knew my how much.

This weekend was a bit tough.  I had a planned lunch with my friend on Saturday.  No big deal.  We went to a deli and I got a bowl of soup (very low calorie vegetable soup) and half a sandwich (not cheese - just chicken and a chipolte sausce).  I drank water.  But then we were at my husband's mom's house that evening for Mother's Day.  We were leaving to go home for dinner when she said "I'd take you out to dinner but you don't eat anything".   UGH!!  Did I want to scream.  My husband and I said at the same time "we eat".  I hate being judged on what I eat.  I hate it.  It's a huge pet peeve of mine and I think it's rooted in jealousy.  We eat.  We eat a lot.  We just don't eat crap food.  So off we went to dinner and we bought her dinner for Mom's day.  The choices where we live were limited and we wanted to go fairly close.  So I ended up with a chicken wrap which was ok.  I left some of the tortilla and I got some fries.  I admit I kind of ate the fries to show her I ate.  Which doesn't make me any better.  I left half the fries on my plate though.   And I left feeling full but not overly full.  I was up on the scale Sunday morning. . . . 

So Sunday we went to Ballpark Village in StL to get a free pink hat!  They do giveaways during Cardinals away game to generate more business when the boys aren't in town.  This is the hat - it has bling!!!  Pretty sweet for a free hat. 

 I ran 3.25 miles that morning.  Skipped breakfast and we at the Budweiser Brewhouse at the village.  Unless I wanted a dinner size breakfast of steak or chicken the healthy choices were limited.  But I got this salad. 

I used less than one of the little cups of dressing.  I gotta say that was a kick ass salad.  I always end up with a lot of toppings on my plate cause I need lettuce in every bite and the ratio is always off. But this salad rocked - there's bacon, chicken, apples, some kind of candied nuts and dried cranberries I think.  It was so good.  Not totally clean, but acceptable given that I ran I think.  I ate every single bite of this baby.  All the toppings were so good I didn't care if there lettuce in my bites or not.   My hubby and I had one beer at the bar before leaving.  I gotta admit I felt bloated after the beer.  And I was a bit sad that I poisoned my body with it after cleansing for 10 day.  Yes that's the anal part of me coming out.  

I was worried about the scale this morning.  Not going to lie.  But I was 181.8.  So just 0.2 up from Saturday.  I consider that acceptable.  My next goal is (well 181 will be 30 lbs so I guess that's next) 175 - that's the dream weight I wanted to hit when I started this in Jan.  But once I get there I think I will set a new goal.  That's still considered a high BMI for me according to the charts.  So I'd like to lose a bit more, but if I hang at 175 for a while that will be a-okay with me. :)

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