Friday, May 8, 2015

One more day. . .

Today is Day 10 of the Advocare Herbal Cleanse.   Tomorrow I will have final weight and measurements.  I feel really good!  I'm getting so close to my goal of 175.   I need to consider how I'm going to get there sooner rather than later.  I'm a bit worried about this weekend.  I might have lunch with a friend and Mom's Day is Sunday so not sure what our plans with our mom's are, or what I will be tempted to eat.  I do not want to gain weight over the weekend.  Been there, done that.  Takes all week (M-F) to get it off.  Great way to maintain, bad way to lose. 

I hopped on the scale this morning.  183 is rocking!  181 will be 30 lbs.  I can taste it.  I want it!  I want to be there!   

I did notice something. . . I think I said in a blog that I was finally in a "normal" BMI.  I was wrong.  The last bar on the BMI flashes.  I guess I didn't pay attention in real life and just looked at pics.  Well depending on when you take the pic, that bar might not be visible.  So now I will make sure I get the correct timing and get every bar visible.  So. .. high BMI again.

If this monitor calculates that based on the BMI chart, then 24 is "normal" for me. And for that I'm going to have to weigh 170.  Not sure how long that will take.  I suspect my body will fight me getting below 175.  And once I get in the 170's I really want to add in strength training so it's possible my freaking weight will go up.  I was bummed when I realized my mistake.  

Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Mother's Day to any mom's that read this. :)

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