Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The first week of lent proved to be moderately difficult. Generally when I do something like this, it's pretty black and white. I cannot eat chocolate or candy. I didn't have much difficulty until yesterday. Every month at work we have a birthday cake day to celebrate the birthdays for that month. Yesterday's cake was chocolate. Ahh! I really wanted cake. Darn it. So that was hard. I did eat some icing off the cardboard base.

Yesterday I was also promoted to head baker in my office. It's an inside joke but I did bring in oatmeal raisin and funfetti cake cookies today. I've eaten too many. :( And there are a bunch more goodies upstairs in honor of leap day! Oh my! It's going to be a bit of a high carb day. Uh oh!

We had a mandated 8 AM start today because of a scheduled power outage. I took advantage of the extra hour and went to the gym. Ran 3 miles and burned about 500 cals!

But the big news is that since last wed I am down 3.2 lbs. Now that's something huh?

I'm pleased with that. A bit disappointed because yesterday was my weekly low of 179.8. And I thought I was very well behaved yesterday. But I did have a fat burn type workout and sometimes my muscles retain water. I won't know because I'm stuffing my face with carbs today so tomorrow I may weigh more than this. :( I never went above that 183.6 last week. So that was a good thing. But I'm really close to my reset maintenance weight which is about 177-178. So this week is going to prove to be challenging I think.

My fat % was estimated at 29.3% last week I believe. I know for a fact I was in the 29's and I was disappointed about it. I didn't take my measurement first thing in the AM last wednesday. So that may have threw it off a bit but I don't know in which direction. However, 28.6% is the answer today! Woo hoo. I will say that this is generally the number I get when I'm in my maintenance weight range. So now the struggle to drop lower will begin. I've seen 28.3 and maybe a 28 once? But it will be hard to get down there. We'll see what happens. I'd just like to have these exact same numbers next week. I'd be ok with that! :)

So in other news I've been really struggling with my horse. So much so that I have 2 plans. We both take a month off. Or I take a month off and he goes to my trainer's for a tune up. I can't decide. The tune up will be expensive. And I just got a $600 vet bill for him due to urine crystals. Blah! So I'm undecided. He can't go till after March 15th due to my trainer's vacation. But I still do need to decide. I really want us to get back on track, but I'm not sure this is the answer. Do I really spend more money on training that I might undo? I have a lot to think about.

And currently I'm thinking about new shoes for the gym. . . I'm searching for bargains online. I would like some pink, but I'll take a good deal. Not having much luck :(

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I think that is my highest weight in several months. :( I refuse to look so I won't be depressed. I'm just going to move on with my plans of no chocolate and candy. I'm going to drink lots of water and keep working out. My jeans still fit. I'm wearing a size 10 right now. . . that's a freaky thing as I generally can't fit into 10's but I have 2 pairs. They were snug when I bought them and they still are. So no real changes.

I forgot to do my fat % till I got to work. So it's not totally accurate but I'll mark it down as 29.3%. Again - UP UP UP. Blah! I forgot to do it this morning as I was too worried about packing the dang monitor cause a guy at work wanted to try it. I also had a bit of a spat with my hubby last night and slept on the couch. So I was out of sorts this morning. But. . . the couch is amazing! My hip and back don't hurt at all today! WOW!

I pigged out yesterday! I ate everything chocolate I could. I got my chocolate smoothie from starbucks. Which isn't terribly unhealthy, but I then proceeded to eat a McD's cheeseburger for dinner. By the time I got to my 6:00 photography class I felt like I could upchuck. :) When I got home I ate my 2 tiny slivers of king cake my hubby saved. I'm not sure how I spent $46 on a cake and only ended up with 2 tiny slivers while my MIL has half a cake at her house. Let's just say that started the little spat last night. See if I ever buy a freaking king cake from New Orleans again. Screw that!

So it's a new day. I'm fat. I have a session at the gym and hopefully all will be well.

Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Plan: weekly weigh in and lent

So I'm not religious. . . but lent has a start and an end. I gotta get control of my sweet tooth. So I'm giving up chocolate and candy starting tomorrow. I can't have it until Easter. I'm hoping this results in a little bit of weight loss as well.

The plan is also to post weekly weigh-ins. Yes I weigh daily. But Wednesdays are going to be *the* day. I'm not going to panic in between. I'm going to track my weight and fat % here every Wednesday. Let's see how that goes eh? :)

Now I've made a ton of progress running since I last blogged. This weekend I ran 3 miles on Sat and Sun and 4 miles yesterday morning (I was off work). 4 miles is HUGE! I never though I'd ever run that far. Wow. I'm impressed with myself. I burned 650 cals. The problem with this is that I weighed in at 183 today. I like to be at 176-177. I'm NOT happy with this. Today is Fat Tuesday and I'm rocking it! lol. But tomorrow I will be buckling down. I need to get back down. I want to keep running and lose the weight at the same time. Is that possible???