Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Advocare simply rocks my world

I'm down 7.4 lbs in 7 days.  Prior to this morning, the last three mornings were *exactly* the same weight.  It's also my TOM, so I was glad the scale didn't go up at all.  Today I got a good drop and I did a happy dance.  I haven't been in the 180's consistently since 2012.  I'm so excited.  The 170's totally seem within reach and I might have to have a party!

I'm so in live with my Advocare lifestyle.  I get so excited thinking about it. I need to take new full body shots of myself and hopefully I can get my hubby to do that for me this weekend.  I was looking back at my photos from the beginning of the year and I'm just so impressed with where I am now.  This is so freaking fantastic!!!

I love my morning spark.  I swear I look like that purple dude before I have it.  Of coruse today I look like him anyways, cause I forgot the hairspray.  I was going to take a selfie to show of my new shirt I got at Rolex.  Nope.  Wowza!  Frizzy hair is magnified in selfies.  Forget that.   I also laugh cause when I was a child I'd get up with total bed head. . . I have curly hair and it would be out of control. I was a crabby bitch till I had breakfast.  I'd immediately go downstairs, pour a bowl of cereal and hold my hair back with one hand and shovel the cereal in with the other.  I remember my dad once asking why I didn't do something about my hair before I ate?  I'm sure he got the daggers from me.  :)   Now it's not cereal that I run, but Spark.

For the few readers I currently have - I'd love to spark you if you haven't tried it.   I can totally mail you a pack.   :)

Rock on people!  Today is a great day!

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