Friday, February 27, 2015

20 pounds!!!

Whoop whoop!  Today I got on the scale after a horrid night's sleep and I clocked in at a 20 pound loss!  I'm super excited.  The weight is coming off slowly.  And it goes up and down.  I ate lunch out twice this week, much to my dismay. The scale went up two days in a row.  I also had a headache from hell after eating some cheese and bread.  I ate bread the day before but no cheese. So maybe I am sensitive to cheese.  I did test sensitive to casein, the protein in cheese.  So this wouldn't be a surprise, but it would suck cause that headache was horrible.  Maybe it was unrelated.  Who knows.   

I made a little tiny bit of progress on the fat %.  That's always slow going.  I really hope the scale wasn't a fluke cause I'm beyond happy.  And I need some happy in my life right now due to the stress of work.  Next goal is 189.  I want to see the 180's!  I think I can get there! :) 

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