Friday, February 13, 2015

Slippery Slope of Sugar

I gained a pound this morning.  Why?  Cause I ate that stupid cupcake.  And BBQ and a Mountain Dew.  I'm so mad and disappointed in myself.  Not only that but when I baked cookies on Tues I've had one or two every day since.  What the hell is wrong with me?  I've come so far.  I'm one pound heavier than I was on Feb 7th.  This is disappointing. I have to buckle down.  I made the choice last night.  We went to pick up race packets for Saturday.  We had to go to Bissinger's Chocolate to get them.  I didn't buy a single piece of chocolate.  But then I saw that there "The Cup" was on the same block. I've been wanting to go to The Cup for-freaking-ever.  There is one on the IL side of the river, but it's probably a 45 min drive from my house.  I knew there was one on the MO side, but I didn't know where.  Looks like I found it!  And we walked in and left with 2 cupcakes.  I'm kind of frustrated with my husband cause I suggested getting one cupcake to share.  He's not very good about that.  Admittedly he's come a long way and does share food with me so that we don't eat too much or spend too much (like at a ballgame).  But when it comes to sweets he wants his own.  These cupcakes were HUGE.  They are known for being huge.  Mine was soooooo good.  He got maple bacon and I tried it.  Good but not my thing.  I swear I felt my brain short circuiting after I ate this.  

We stopped a very popular BBQ place for dinner after getting our packets.  It was a cold weeknight so there wasn't a line out the door.  I chose to drink a Mt Dew.  My choice.  I'm ok with that.  We ate the cupcakes when we got home.  This morning as I was driving to work I was pondering my choices last night.  The cupcake was the worse choice.  Why?  Because I'm sneaking sweets into my day and that has to stop.  I know the desire to eat a sweet is still here today.  But I don't have the desire for a soda. I  mean if you handed me one I'd want it. But I don't feel the need to seek it out.  I do feel the need to seek out chocolate.   So I've got to buckle down.  I had higher hopes for where I'd be on the scale right now.  Tomorrow is going to be tough being Valentine's Day.  But come Sunday I'm back to being perfect.  End of story.  I have some serious travel coming up and I need to lose more weight BEFORE that travel.  

It's amazing how you can slide right down the slope with just one bite. 

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