Thursday, March 5, 2015

Some Victories

So I'm a number person.  I hate that weight fluctuates so much.  In  my last post I said I lost 20 lbs.  Then for the next 5 days my weight bounced up and down a tiny bit and never went back to that 20 pound mark till day 5.  BLAH!   I always hesitate to say that I lost a certain amount of weight cause it might not be the same the next day!  Once you lose something it should be gone.  Permanently.  Wouldn't that be nice?!

So yesterday was the day I finally saw 191.0 again on the scale.  Happy dance!  And I was so determined to be good.  There are girl scout cookies in my office and I've eaten a few every day since they arrived.  I think that was Monday.  I ate some yesterday  as well.  But I'm chose to.  I looked at the calories and Trefoils really aren't that bad.  You get a decent amount of cookies for the calories. Anyways, enough about cookies. I've been working longer hours this week to work on this project for our trip to London.  My coworker works 4- 9 hour days and 4 hours on Friday.  So in order to maximize our time together I stayed late every day this week.  I'm not today though, but I will get off 3 hours early on Friday. Knowing my luck my boss will let the whole company leave early and then my comp time wouldn't matter.   He randomly does that and I tend to have bad luck surrounding that. But I don't see that happening tomorrow I hope.

Since I've been working late I've been slacking on working out and riding Eli.  In this case Eli is more important cause he's stuck inside due to the weather.  He needs to move regularly as he's tied up in the past.  I went to the barn last night and there was a group jumping lesson.  No room to lunge Eli.  I knew he'd be full of himself and I was right.  Whew.  Talk about being forward.  I just let him trot, trot, trot.  We didn't get any real work done, but I guess the point was to use the energy.  It was so cold my back started hurting.  And while he was certainly moving I felt like he never really relaxed his back so I just didn't push him into much work.

So onto the victories. . . .

I saw the 180's this morning!!!!  Holy happy dance.  I got on the scale FOUR times.  Same weight each time!  Whoop whoop!!!  I told my husband once I saw the 180's that we could get pizza. I hate rewarding myself with food.  But we have been eating out once on the weekend usually.  And I was craving pizza, but in general we've made healthier choices when eating out.  Like BBQ for example.  Hunk of meat.  That haven't been covered in butter or fried.  So pizza is a lot of carbs.  I wanted it.  But I felt like I had to *earn* it.  How do you earn pizza?  So I said I needed to see the 180s.  Again I hate the food reward, but I also like goals.  So. . .  I haven't told my hubby yet about the scale.  Ha.  Cause I'm having second thoughts.  I also feel like this was a fluke.  So we'll see. 

Next up - I cut the tags off a pair of jeans this morning. I have no clue when I bought them.  They are from Maurice's.  They are the Taylor jeans in a size 13/14.  Taylor's run big though and they tell you that at the store.  I rarely wear a 14.  I guess at my thinnest I was in a 12, but that didn't last long.  These jeans tend to bag out on me as the day goes on.  I hate that.  And they were a tad lose (though not really in the waist) when I put them on.  So I wonder what they will look/feel like at lunch.  Anyone have a recommendation for jeans that keep their tightness?  

The final victory is that my belt wants to be on the last notch.  I haven't quite put it there cause I tend to like a more loose belt, but it wants to be there.  I might have to look into getting a new belt soon.  Woo hoo!  

I'm going to be honest, I'm still very stressed about the trip because of so many days of eating out.  I guess it's not possible to gain 20 pounds back in 2 weeks right?  I mean I'd have to seriously stuff my face and sit still.  But mentally I'm worried I'm going to return the states and be right back at 211.  I'm trying to keep this scale moving down down down till I leave. I want to have more of a buffer. . . a buffer to what?  I don't know.  That dreaded 200 I guess. I want to remain in onederland!   I like living here and I've been a resident before.  I'd like to not move out this time. :) 

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