Monday, February 23, 2015


Looks like I'll be going to London in a month for work.  I'm freaking stressed out.  Nothing has been booked, I've never worked on this project before. . . . the person that wrote the code for this project is no longer with the company and actually passed away in Dec.   It's just a lot to worry about not to mention unbooked foreign travel.  Ah!!!   After a week in London I'll go to Belgium for a few days to visit my friends and meet their baby.  I'm excited about that if a little nervous about getting from point A to point B by myself.

This weekend was . . . well successful for me in terms of weight loss.  We went to some hunting expo that was really boring and the admission was overpriced.  My hubby and I shared a soft pretzel and a beer.  OMG that beer was SO good.  It's just been that long.  We then went for Vietnamese food.   I had ran 3 miles on the treadmill at the gym that morning but I was still kind of concerned.  The next day the scale dropped and I thought I am not going to push my luck.  I was *super* good yesterday.  I pretty much skipped breakfast and went to the barn to ride so I wasn't thinking about it. 

Today the scale dropped again. . . . 

191.2!!!  That's 19.8 lbs.  I'm *so* close to 20.  I suspect it'l take a me a couple days to get there.  I suspect I'll see a small gain before that just based on the pattern I've been seeing.  I haven't done my fat % in some time.  So I remembered to do that today.   I'd like it to be close to or below 30% so I have a bit to go.  I wish I had remembered to check that number when I first started my 24 day challenge. 

In terms of Advocare I'm still taking MNS.  This is the last week I have product, unless I order more.  I'm not sure what I will do.  I still take Catalyst and Thermoplus.  So maybe I'll stop the MNS and see how I do.  I still drink one spark a day.  Lots of water.   Lots of fruit.  There is room for more exercising in my life but I'm not very motivated.  So I'm working on that.  Right now I'm just really happy with the scale and that's unusual.  Fingers crossed I can get down some more before I travel.  Travel is going to pack on some water weight at the *very* least. 

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