Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekend Recap!

Oh wow what a weekend!  First of all Saturday morning I weighed in at 194.2.  That is my one month mark of cleaning eating and Advocare.  I'm down 16.8 pounds and super happy!  The next best part is that this morning I weighed in at 193.8 even with eating out this weekend.  Whoop whoop!

This weekend was freaky warm for February.  Wow!  Almost too warm to work Eli that hard due to him having not shed his winter coat.  I did cut my ride short on Sunday due to the heat.  Eli was just done.

Saturday my hubby and I met a lady from Craigslist to sell her one of my photography backdrops.  I still have stuff to sell and would like the cash for some trips I have coming up.   Then we went to dinner.  We wanted to try this new BBQ place.  I had brisket, side salad and . . . . fries.  GASP!  I didn't want to get fries, but they were out of so many sides when we got there (4:30pm!!!  I thought we were early) that I just got fries.  Which is why I don't have a food photo. I didn't want photographic evidence of the fries.  Overall the BBQ place was ok, but the sauce was super duper thin and runny.  So that is a big fail in my eyes.  They also give you tortillas with your meal.  When did BBQ turn Mexican?   I used half a tortilla to wrap some brisket in.  At least that way my sauce kind of stayed inside.  But . . . it wasn't my thing and with the fries I was not about to eat more carbs.   We will likely go back, but there are better BBQ places in the area.  My weight was up just a tad on Sunday morning as a result of eating out I'm sure.  But I was so happy that it was back down this morning.  That's what it takes for continued success.  I can eat one cheat meal and then buckle back down.   

Sunday was a pretty super fun day.  We had to go to church (which is not normal) and that messed up my morning supplements/eating. I didn't drink my spark or shake till after church cause I didn't want to have to pee!  When we got home we did a little taste test.

I've been drinking Shakeology for a couple years now.  I believe since March 2013.  What I have *never* done with it, is just mix it with water.  I tend not to like things mixed with water.  I've always had it in a smoothie: almond milk, banana and ice.   Well with Advocare I've been mixing their shake with just water.  It's actually good.  I didn't want to introduce almond milk in my eating during the challenge.  And when I tried it with water I liked it.  So. . . my auto ship of Shakeology has been frozen as I had too much and I wasn't going to be using it while doing the Advocare challenge.  I'll be out of Advocare on Friday.  So what to do?  Well first let's have a side by side even taste test.  The winner?   ADVOCARE!  My husband agreed and he ultimately got the short end of the stick and ended up finishing the Shakeology.   The Shakeology is full of good healthy things.  There's a video online about that that I'm sure many of you have seen.  I can't deny the health aspect of it.  I'm not sure about the ingredients in Advocare.  Side by side, the nutrition stats - Shakeology has a larger % of pretty much everything.  And I think you can taste that.  It gives an after taste that isn't so hot and it wasn't as smooth as Advocare.  But in a smoothie that is negated.  I have to do the math and see the per serving cost and figure out where I want to go from here.  

So then I went to the barn to ride.  Like I mentioned I cut the ride short.  I ended up taking Eli out for some sun and grass.  The turnouts are too wet so he was stuck inside.  So 4 of us ended up hand grazing our horses and having a chat. :)  The grass is kind of dead, but the horses still ate it.  However, when we first walked out, Eli didn't think about eating.

A roll a day keeps the vet away!

So one thing on my to do list is to get my FOID card.  Initially I wanted it just so I could buy ammo when I'm shopping with my husband.  Last fall we were shopping and came across some ammo that is hard to find.  He bought some for him and my dad, but if I had my FOID card we could have bought  more.  So the application is on my to do list.  I think tomorrow I'm going to go get a passport photo taken at Walgreen's cause that's what I need for the application.  So that was the initial reason.  But then. . . well there are times I'm home alone.  And I decided that I want to learn to shoot and I want my own pistol.  A pink pistol!  Ok maybe purple or blue, but probably pink.  It was SO freaking nice yesterday that I said let's shoot!

I shot two rifles, two handguns and that little baby gun that it's my hand.  That one lives in our bedroom.  Lol!   It was a fun little thing but too small for comfort really.  I have to learn to stand correctly when shooting a handgun.  I was unable to stand in a split stance, so I need to research and practice.  I probably won't get much more practice till spring, but it was fun yesterday!  I grew up around guns and I've shot at beer cans in creeks before!  Ha!  Total redneck.  As a matter of fact . .

That's me!  At my dad's aunt's clubhouse.  Lol.   I'm sure I'm shooting at beer cans. :)  What a trip!  I'm just not that knowledgeable about guns so I want to get comfortable and I want to own my own gun!   Plus I think it's something my hubby and I could do together.  Target practice that is.  I will never hunt or anything like that!

So now it's Monday and that blows.   But this coming weekend is a three day weekend.  I might have some big news this week about 2 potential trips.  One to Vegas and one to Canada.  Some of you might be able to figure out what is going on at those two locations.  I suspect I won't get to go to both, but I'm hoping one of them pans out!  Fingers crossed!

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