Thursday, January 2, 2014

To sign up?

Well New Year's was a crappy as I thought it would be.  I gotta confess, if you haven't figured it out already, that my marriage is pretty rough.  On NYE I almost ended up leaving at staying at my parents.   Given the face that my husband's first wife left him on new year's eve, I was trying not to repeat that.  Honestly I just don't understand men.  I really wanted to go to the movies that night.  Yet it didn't happen cause he couldn't get his ass in from the shop.  His nephew was there, but really - they had been to lunch and had been talking in the shop for 2.5 hours.  IMO it was my turn.  But apparently I was the only one that thought that way.  Whatever.  I said I hated this holiday and that continues to be true.  We ended up watching Pitch Perfect and went to sleep at 9-ish I guess.  I can't even remember.   I got one text at midnight and Roger got 2 or 3.  I can't remember.  I know someone sent him a mass text and so one of them was a reply to that from someone that he doesn't know.  Why do people need to "reply all" on phones?  I have *never* done that.  I was cranky to wake up just after midnight.  I was sleeping rather well.

Yesterday we went to the outlet mall.   I wanted to go to the Disney store to get a Frozen figurine set for myself my nephew. Ok we will share it.  They didn't have it, but I could order it from them and get free shipping.  So I did.  In the meantime I got the last stuff Olaf they had.  They said they have a hard time keeping him in stock.

I mean how cute is he???   Yes I spent $40 on a stuffed animal.  But I didn't even care at this point.   I'll admit that I have a shopping problem but it makes me happy when not much else does right now.  And this morning when I woke up and saw him sitting there, I smiled.   How can you not? 

We also got a carpet cleaner.  A Hoover SteamVac something or other.   It was at this direct tools store I think.   We only went in cause it was a "man" store and I felt like Roger should get to look at something :)   Anyways it was $129.99 and 35% off.  We get our carpets cleaned twice a year professionally.  The cats just make that many stains.  I love it when they are clean.  That costs somewhere around $100 I think.  So we figured we would try this.  If it fails we will sell it.  But hopefully it works and we can keep up with the carpet ourselves.  Or at least have it professionally done only once a year.  

Oh and I got the Under Armour slash tights.  They are cold weather tights.  I saw them last time I was there (Nov) and didn't get any.  I should have cause they only had this green-ish color left in my size.  Well they only had yellow left in general.  This color looks yellow, but we noticed it's slightly different.  Normally I wear a large in UA, but I got XL in these.  They just looked better and showed the lumps and bumps a bit less.  If that's possible.   I don't have my own photo, but they look like this.  Honestly in person they look more yellow though.  Eh - not the best color compared to the choices they had 2 months ago, but the price was acceptable and I wanted just one more pair of cold weather tights. 

After we left the outlet we went to lunch.  What an ordeal.  I was hungry!  We saw this restaurant called Mimi's Cafe.  It was cute.  It was not small (like cafe would imply).  I fell for the roof of the building as lame as it sounds.   There was sign in the lobby that said sirloin pot pie.  Ok great.  I wanted some kind of nice hot comfort food.  The wait was short but as we were waiting we decided it seemed like a french cafe.   We got seated.  After a brief look at the menu I said I didn't want to eat there.  I didn't want some fru-fru croissant that was overpriced.  I'd rather just eat at Bread Co.  So before the waitress could come get our drink order, we left.  Just walked out.   We went down the road to Brick House Tavern & Tap.  Cool place.  Good food, but the waitress was SLOW.   I got a turkey club actually cause it sounded so good.  It was topped with deviled eggs if you can believe that.   But really the bill was $35 and we tipped $2.  I was so mad at how long everything took.  Even getting our check. . . then getting our receipt.  Ugh.   

We did stop at Dillard's on the way home to see what this big New Year's sale was about.  OH MY GOODNESS!  That place was trashed.  For such an "uppy" store the place looked like a tornado went through.  I rarely shop there cause it's just too expensive.  It looked horrible.  I wanted to find some bed sheets or a new comforter.  But we came up empty handed. 

I want to run a half marathon.  It's my next running goal.  In 2011 my friend came to St Louis, from New York, to run the Rock and Roll half.  I almost signed up cause I was going to have hip surgery in a few months and wondered if this was my last chance to run.  You never know how you will recover.  We were walking around the expo and saw a booth for the KY Derby Half Marathon.  We both love (and own) horses.  Oooh how fun to run through Churchill Downs!!!!   But it's always been the same weekend that I am in Lexington KY for Rolex.  Except this year.   This year it's the weekend prior.  It's Easter weekend.  The race is on Sat the 19th.  My friend now lives in CO and said she'd fly to StL and we could drive to Louisville and do the race.  Ironically the 20th is her bday.  Expensive gift to herself huh?!  But we kind of need to sign up. And I'm kind of worried about my knee.  Today I got a $5 coupon code.  Is that a sign? Do I just take the plunge and sign up?   Figure out my knee as I go?  I was going to sign up for a half on April 6th and training wasn't scheduled to start till mid-Jan.  With the race a couple weeks later I wouldn't have to start for a couple more weeks.  Maybe even beginning of February.   So I can rest.  I was going to run yesterday but ran out of time.  Now we have some really cold weather settling in.  Monday will be below 0.  That doesn't happen too often here.   So I don't know. . . do I run a few times before deciding?  Or just rest and suck it up and sign up?  I can't decide!  But my friend would need to book plane tickets soon and we'd need to book a hotel.  I suck at decisions!


  1. Since you weren't having issues with your knee prior to the 15k, I would have to think this is just a stress injury from that event. I'd say to give yourself a solid two weeks off to rest it. Do other cardio stuff that doesn't bother your knee to keep your fitness level up, but rest that knee. The way you described how your knee felt was very similar to whatever I did to my knee (felt like it was more in a muscle than the joint). I massaged it regularly, iced it at least daily and took it easy. It's (knock on wood) not bugging me anymore, even after my 6.25 mile run over the weekend.

    I think you can do it, but you do need to rest that knee and make it better before you start training too hard on it. I think the end goal is perfect for you, though, and awesome enough to motivate you on through your training.

    Bummer about it not really fitting in with your Rolex trip. Will doing the 1/2 change those plans at all? Or can you swing a trip to KY two weeks in a row?

    BTW, I don't think I could swing those tights. I still hate my calves. :oP

    1. It wasn't suppose to fit in with the Rolex trip. It's always been the Saturday of Rolex! XC day!!! Yes I can go two weekends in a row. Of course Rolex is never guaranteed either.

      I think my calves are getting bigger. But I don't care. I hate boring black running stuff ;)

      I've not taken 2 weeks off of running in forever. OMG not sure I can do that. The problem is I want to run to see how my knee feels. Which is not resting the knee. Ugh. Taking the plunge to sign up is a tough decision.