Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Photo

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I took this photo earlier this month in the crazy blowing wind and snow:

I love it.  And I want to print it to hang in my house.  I have taken so many photos for other people that I'm jealous of them having photos to hang in their house.  I can't decide to print this and frame it or get a canvas.
Tuesday night we were at dinner with Roger's family for his birthday.  It's kind of odd because we don't get together for his sister's bday.  At least not that I can seem to remember.  Yet we almost always go out to dinner for his birthday. I don't get it.  Not at all.  And this year he was a cranky person leading up to his birthday and didn't want to do anything.   I don't know. . . . anyways, we were not getting along as we got to dinner and it was probably obvious to his family.  However, near the end of dinner we were talking about the snow and I mentioned that I took photos.  I confess that I'm really in love with this photo and I'm pretty proud of how it looks.    I showed it to his mom (she lives on this property with us) and she was like oh wow!  Then she told Roger's sister that she should paint that.  WHAT?   I was like "I'm going to print this!"  In my world photography is a form of art and it's no less so than painting.  But apparently a photo isn't quite as good as a painting. Whatever.  Once again my feelings get hurt.  I don't love being an in-law.

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