Tuesday, January 7, 2014


This was a crazy weekend!  OMG.

First we had another Christmas on Saturday.  So Friday night we made more sugar cookies!  YAY. I had got some really tiny cutters from Target after Christmas and I just couldn't wait a whole year to use them.  I really really love decorating cookies.  I think my goal this year is to learn how to get better at it.  It's so relaxing and therapeutic for me.  This time I felt like Roger rushed a bit more than the last time, so his didn't look quite as good.

So Christmas on Saturday. . . my Dad's family is a HOT mess.  They are never on time.  But apparently they are also not very clear on plans.  We were told Christmas at 3:00.  I figured we would eat by 4.  Around 4:30 I found out that eating was a 6:00pm.  And some people knew that and other did not.  I would *never* have been there at 3:10 if I had known.  My poor dad. . . . he had been out delivering gas that day and rushed. . . he was "late" (for the 3:00 time) but was not thrilled to sit there wasting time when he could have not rushed and also finished some chores at home (feeding animals) before coming to Christmas.  Ugh.  I literally grazed on crap food for 3 hours!!!   Not good.  Not good at all.

The weathermen kept saying it was going to snow Saturday night through Sunday.  I'm not sure I really believed the predictions (10-ish inches).   When it wasn't snowing Sat night I thought maybe we wouldn't get it at all.  Umm . . . no we got it.  Whew.  It snowed ALL day Sunday.  And it was windy as could be.  Snow was blowing sideways.  Since we don't live in town it was hard to get a feel for how much snow we got cause the wind caused 4 ft drifts and left some places bare.   I enjoyed spending the day inside watching it snow.    I did go outside to take photos and I'm not sure why.  I was miserable.  I couldn't see the LCD of my camera very well.  I just trusted I knew what I was doing.  I got some good pics though.  And here you will see my poor little snowman all buried in snow. I  imagine he loves the snow but probably hoped it didn't cover his eyes!

My office was closed yesterday and again I enjoyed the day at home.  I was lucky my dentist remained open and I got my tooth fixed without taking time off work.  We watched The Host last night.  I loved that book and I enjoyed the movie.  I thought it was well done.

I know why I put my heart rate monitor for my Garmin on upside down all the time!  I didn't run this weekend.  However, on my last run I noticed about 30 secs into the run that it was upside down and was able to correct it.

It's the exact opposite orientation from my Polar HR monitor.  I always put my Polar on with the rounded side up.  I didn't matter with the Polar though. It would work no matter what.  With the Garmin, the little runner dude has to be right side up in order for the running dynamics to work.  The heart rate will still be recorded, but not the running dynamics.   And it appears I still want to put it on with the rounded side up - which makes the runner dude upside down!  My husband said "I can paint a mark on it so that you will know which way is up".  I said "honey there is a mark on it, there's a little runner dude!  But apparently I still can't follow directions!"

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