Friday, January 3, 2014

I signed up!

Well I did it.  I signed up for the KY Derby half marathon.  OMG.  My friend messaged me yesterday asking when we were going to sign up.  I wasn't 100% sure she was totally "in" for doing it.  I mean it's a big thing to fly from CO to StL and road trip to KY just to run.   lol.    So I was kind of dragging my feet.  Since she messaged me *and* I had just got a coupon code for $5 off in email that morning I decided to take the plunge and sign up!

I'm nervous.  Not going to lie.  I'm worried about my knee, but I'm trying to give it a rest.  Today I may hit the gym and do a machine that is not the treadmill.   Tomorrow is going to be a freaky day in terms of temps and we may get close to 40 degrees.  So I'd like to go for a run.   I really don't want to *stop* running totally.  I worry about losing the fitness and the desire.   Temps are really cold today, but after Sat they are supposed to drop even more.   It may snow Sat night (they say "major" when talking about the storm!).   But Monday is going to be the lowest temp we've seen since 1999.  I'm unclear how cold, I hear a high of -5, but I also hear a high of +5.  Ha ha.   We'll see.   As much as I may "like" running I will not run in temps that cold.  Forget that. The problem with the gym is that it's so freaking crowded because of the new year.  In a few weeks it'll thin out as everyone falls off the healthy wagon.

I haven't mentioned Eli in a while.  He's been on stall rest since the week of Thanksgiving.  He strained a suspensory.  But in terms of suspensory it seems rather mild.  My vet has been letting me lunge him lightly for a while.  I added in canter (my vet is in Hawaii so I've been winging it) and last night I lunged him with side reins.   He seems sound.  I hate this thought cause the suspensory is so tricky.  I question things I "think" I see that I wouldn't question normally.  I'm going to call the vet today and see if he's back.  I'd like to try to hop on Eli on Sat since it's suppose to be kind of warm.   I think I can really tell if I can feel him.   But we have another Christmas on Sat.  Ugh.   This is the LAST one.  I'm so tired of it honestly.   Mostly of eating ham.   And just plain eating. . . .

I have a goal to eat better this year.  But my short term goal is to lose 10 lbs by Valentine's day.  I was going to start this yesterday.  And I did well till I got home.  Wow.  I can shove some food down my face in the evenings!  I am meeting a friend for lunch today.  I may really hit it on Monday.  I knew it would be a challenge with another xmas coming up.  But I'm still doing better than I was and any move in the right direction is positive.   I haven't been working out /running much so that's a problem too.  Once I get that going again things should start to look up.  It will still be very hard to actually lose 10 lbs by Feb 14th though.  I think my body loves my current weight cause I've maintained it +/- 5 lbs for quite some time now.  


  1. For your knee, have you tried a brace yet? I went through that one round of knee pain that sent me to the store for a brace and it helped quite a lot. At first I wore it for walking (because I wasn't allowing myself to even try to run on my knee until it felt better) and then I wore it for several runs after I started back. If my knee starts acting up on me I slap it on again. Honestly, I think it's a little therapeutic because of the heat it puts back into my leg. Then I come home and ice. I just got an ACE brand brace from Walmart -- one of the "stabilizer" versions that slides on and then velcros on the top and bottom.

    I hate all of the holiday food. Just yesterday I finally got back down to the weight I was before all of the holiday eating started. Despite running and making an honest attempt not to gorge myself, I still put on six pounds.

    My body apparently only wants two meals a day, because that's when I notice significant losses on the scale... I'll see big drops following days where I sleep in late enough that I eat somewhere between 10-11 and then have dinner, or at trials where I tend to skip lunch. Apparently I can survive on air.

    1. Oh wow. I don't do 2 meals a day well. Plus I like snacks too much. 6 lbs! Wow. I'm up just under 3 from where I was staying before the food rush.

      I have a Back On Track knee brace. Now to figure out where it is. . . I can try that. It doesn't "support" much I don't think. My knee doesn't hurt at all when I'm not running. I have to admit I've been thinking about it and I don't wonder if it's linked to all the walking in the sand I've been doing. I know that forces joints to stabilize themselves more. I'm hoping to stop the handwalking soon, so maybe that will help. We'll see.

    2. Yes, I was getting a little pissed off at the scale, especially when it went up over a pound after I didn't even do anything to warrant it. Looking back, I think my body was "backed up" and holding on to a lot of water weight and waste for some reason -- probably just due to the different diet or something, who knows. But (sorry, TMI), I had several days in a row where everything just started coming out of me and then boom, within like four or five days I was back down to where I'd been 3 weeks ago. Sometimes I hate my body.

      I can't imagine walking in sand is good for your knee. And I would definitely look into something that stabilizes more than the BOT.

      I'm not much of a snacker, that's my one saving grace, I guess. At least at home. At holiday parties or at work if there is food out I will sit and eat it all day long! But at my house I have bags of chips, boxes of crackers, and bags of candy and I really don't touch them outside of meals or taking them to work for lunch.

    3. Ha ha. I'm blocked up too. Starting to feel gross about that. :)

      I adore snacking. I'm going to try to limit my evening snacks next week. Heck even at work, if I'm even slightly bored I can snack. Which is why I can't keep anything at my desk. I bring a cooler every day with my lunch and other snacks (yogurt, nuts, berries) in it. Now to stop the gas station runs at lunch :)