Friday, January 17, 2014

Effort vs results

In all areas of my life it seems if I put in enough effort I get correlating results.  That cannot be said with my battle with the scale.  It's quite depressing.   I worked hard this week I think the scale creeps up more than down.  What is going on?

I've been in such a funk lately.  Partly because I'm trying to figure out what is going on in life.   Partly because I feel like someone isn't being 100% honest with me.  I'm just flat out crabby. 

I had a massage yesterday and I'm so sore today.  The place I go to is kind full of various practitioners.   There's a nutritionist as well. I've thought about checking into her services.  Maybe that would help with the scale?  But ultimately I haven't. . . yet.  I can't decide.   She must have had some kind of seminar cause there was a poster board in the waiting room.  I've heard the uproar over Mac and Cheese here in the US.  The artificial dye that is in our version and is *not* in the European version.   Well I snapped this photo:

looks like other products are guilty too.   I find this pathetic.  What is wrong with the FDA?   No wonder we always fail when compared to the health of other countries.  

So it's that's time of year: Girl Scout cookie time.  And while I'm battling with the scale I'm still ordering some.  They can be frozen.   I just can't find a suitable substitute for my favorite, so I might as well freeze a few boxes.

I love Savannah Smiles!  Lemony yumminess!!!  

I ordered 3 of those and 1 trefoil (shortbread - which is also yummy).  What I did *not* order was any Samoas or Tagalongs.   Why you ask?  Well last year I ordered many boxes of cookies and I don't think I got to eat one of them.  Turns out I discovered they had been eaten straight out of the freezer in the shop.   My husband and I did a 30 day no sweets challenge.  At least I think it was 30 days.  I don't think he did it with me though.  The first weekend he ate birthday cake at his nephew's party.   And then I discovered my precious box of tagalongs was being eaten out of the freezer.  I discovered the partially empty box after the challenge, but I full believe he was eating them during the challenge.  And how would I know? They were in the shop afterall.  So this year, screw that.  I'm ordering these and he better not freaking touch my cookies!


  1. Eating my Girl Scout cookies would be grounds for divorce... Not cool.

    Just curious, do you log your food or count calories? I have been a lump for the last week and a half due to weather and the dog stuff going on, but I've been trying to at least be conscious of what I'm putting in my mouth (I should track, but I don't). Anyhow, I think when I'm running I give myself a bit more free reign to eat stuff. I'd probably lose weight faster if I'd just do calorie counting and not exercise.... But I know that's not a long-term lifestyle, so I'm better off doing it this way, regardless of how slowly the scale moves. I tell ya, though, one night of eating out sends me up at least 3 lbs for 3 days...

    What the heck are Savannah Smiles? They aren't sold in this area. I'm a Thin Mint girl 100%, although I do like the Tagalongs/Peanut Butter Patties.

    1. I haven't been tracking but maybe I should. The problem is that usually when I track (like WW points) I get obsessive about food and it's not healthy.

      Umm Savannah Smiles are amazing lemon cookies covered in powdered sugar. They came out as Lemon Coolers first. Then they weren't available for a couple years and now they are Savannah Smiles. I adore them!

    2. I hear you on the obsession -- and it's also the reason why I haven't gone to that length this time around. That said, when I tracked my food and exercised, that's when I managed to actually lose all of the weight. I think it's twofold -- It makes you measure your food and be accountable, and it makes you think about what you put in your mouth because you have to write it down.

      I won't bother being jealous about your cookies. I've never liked lemon. ;o)