Thursday, January 23, 2014


Hello!  I've noticed an increase is the views of my blog.  I figure I have very few followers and only one person that I actually "know" follows my blog.  So if you stop by here and read this, please leave me a comment and say hi!  I'd like to meet you and if you have a blog I'd love to check it out. :)

As a recap for anyone that is new, or may really not know, I have hypothyroidism.  It sucks.  I don't blame my weight issue (now) on my thyroid, but it sure doesn't help.  I believe I was diagnosed in college.  I remember being so tired.  I didn't think too much of it till one day I was at Wal-Mart and I was *so* tired.  I had a few items in my hands and I set them down and left.  I just drove back to my apartment and . . . I don't remember. lol   That feeling of being soooo sooooo tired is stuck in my brain.  It sucked.  I did gain weight before I was diagnosed.  I went to the Dr I'd been going to since I was too old to see my pediatrician.   He put me on synthroid and I've been dealing with this ever since.   Several years ago however, it seems that synthroid wasn't quite working so well anymore.  I gained weight no matter what I did.   I reached my heaviest weight ever - 250 lbs. I started researching.  I joined Spark People and got in the Thyroid group.   I read the book "Stop the Thyroid Madness".  I was unhappy with how I was feeling.  I went to my Dr armed with all this information and he basically laughed in my face.  He told me he knew better than I did.  I cried.  I was fat. I was depressed.  It was affecting all parts of my life.  He did bloodwork and I suppose he increased my meds. I don't really remember.  I kept on researching and found a Dr in Missouri (probably an hour from my house).  She is a naturopathic Dr (practicing under a regular medical Dr as the state of MO requires).  She is fantastic and pays attention to symptoms and not just numbers.  She also test all aspects of the thyroid (such as T3, reverse T3) instead of simply the TSH.  After trying a few things, I ended up liking Erfa Thyroid from Canada.  I have to pay for it completely myself but I love it.  I feel the best on it and it works for me.   I still struggle to lose weight, but I'm not 250 anymore!   I worry that at some point things will go whacky again, but I see her regularly for bloodwork and I think that if it does start to go crazy she will be able to get me back on track again quickly.

As I said I do struggle to lose weight and I had the most success by doing HCG.  *gasp* It's ok.  You can freak out.  I know the diet has a bad reputation but it worked for me.  I've maintained probably just over half the weight loss (having hips surgery and being laid up didn't help with maintenance) for 2 years.  I kind of want to do it again to get over this hurdle.  It really changed the shape of my body. I suspect if I finally lose the 20 lbs I'm battling that I may not fit into my favorite jeans anyways.  Why?  Cause I think the weight will be distributed differently.  HCG really targeted the abnormal fat stores (for me it was my hips).  If anyone has any HCG questions feel free to ask.   I don't think I have the mindset or willpower to go on it any time soon.  I start training for my half marathon next week.  There's no way I can do that being on HCG.  And when the half is done (mid-April) summer will be here and I will be going to ballgames and not want to be restricted.  I'm just hoping that maybe I can buckle down during my 12 weeks of training and get some of this weight off.

Speaking of weight, I ate what you saw in that food log I posted yesterday.  For dinner I had 2 scrambled eggs with a piece of melted cheese and 3 links of banquet fully cooked turkey sausage.   I make my eggs in a pan sprayed with Pam.  No butter or oil.   I did have fiber one granola bar and package of fiber one fruit snacks after dinner.  

I filled out the rest of the food log and it won't all fit on my screen, but here's the bottom half. . . ignore the "goals".  I don't know where those came from and haven't figured out how to change them yet.  I did Chalean  Burn 2 last night before dinner.  And I will say the scale rewarded me this morning, so that's a good thing.  Fingers crossed that I can continue this cause I'm sore as heck and hoping to make some progress.  I want to be in Onderland at the very least. 


  1. I'm here, I'm here! ;o)

    I have no idea what HCG is. I did a quick google -- it involves injections?

    1. The "real" HCG does. The homeopathic kind is liquid drops. I did the injections. It's also a restricted 500 cal diet for a list of foods. Then after the injections/diet phase you stabilize following strict rules. I read the protocol from like the 1960's and the logic behind it is really interesting. The HCG releases all your abnormal fat stores and your fat feeds the body. I have plenty of fat to feed myself! :)

  2. Who cares what people think about HCG! If you're doing what works for you that is all that matters. I am so impressed you have had such successful with it, even battling hypothyroidism. You are an inspiration!