Wednesday, March 7, 2012

+0.2 BLAH!

So this week I felt like my weight was a ping pong ball. I was at 179.8 twice. And I hit that number the week prior as well. I can't maintain it for a day though. Sucks.

Here's the numbers:
Last wed: 180.4
Thurs: 181.8
Fri: 180.2
Sat: 179.8
Sun: 181.4
Mon: 181
Tues: 179.8
Wed: 180.6 (+.2)

Fat % = 28.6 (+0)

I wish I never hit 181 and I want to be in the 170's for more than a day. Darn it. Do you see the difference in Sat and Sun? I had a very similar pattern the week before. So I need to be a bit more stable.

This week Monday I ate Chinese (chicken fried rice) and had a Mt. Dew late that night (like 9PM). I thought for sure my weight would be up on Tues. It was down! That's crazy. Yesterday I think I might have made two mistakes. . . not eating quite enough protein and not drinking enough water. So I'm working on that today.

I'm VERY glad the fat % stayed the same. Ideally I'd like that to go down, but staying the same is good.
Blogger refuses to stop rotating my photos. I fixed the first one and this one will NOT work. Oh well.

So this weekend I'm out of town with the hubby at a tractor pull. We are staying at the Drury - our FAVORITE hotel. They have the best breakfasts. I'm packing workout clothes and I *will* run on the treadmill. I really want to be in the 170's next week.

This weekend I ran my longest distance of 4.59 miles! I cannot wait to get to 5 miles. I totally want to run around the freaking block. Dang long country blocks! It's windy here today and it was yesterday as well. I took Monday off on purpose. Yesterday was horse dental day. I was tired after and so I didn't go to the gym. I have a training session tonight. Tomorrow I will run at lunch if the winds aren't blowing like crazy. This is serious wind advisory stuff - even a fire weather warning was issued.

I decided to send my horse for training. He is probably going up next Saturday and will stay no later than the first weekend in May. I don't want to bring him home right before I leave for 5 days at Rolex. I don't have anyone to keep him going. And he is not getting that long off after I pay for training!

That's all I got this week. Fingers crossed for next Wednesday! :)


  1. Jen... don't get me started on this!
    You should see my weight ... I started this diet back in October!!! The result so far... + 6 lbs...

    When I dare to complain to David.. Do you know what he said to me this morning (after I complained that I gained another 1 lbs this morning)? And I quote: "Don't expect the scale to go down anymore! You're not 20 years old anymore! You will stabilize at a certain weight so there is no need to continue this dieting!"

    Can you imagine how I felt? He's like, don't worry about your weight, it's not important.. ARGH I've been fat most of my life and I DON'T want that anymore! EVER! Is it so hard to believe I need to vent once in a while when after 6 months I only gained weight?

    David is not a good person to keep you motivated! Let me tell you that!

    But I'm not giving up and if I don't see any change soon, I'm visiting my doctor, let her figure it out :)

    1. Lieve does your weight increase 1 lb in 1 day? Mine did this morning. It's discouraging. Big time.

      I don't agree that you will stabilize at a certain weight. What will happen if we slack off is that we will gain weight! I think men may stabilize better, but not us girls. We would just get fat, fat and fatter! lol

      That being said I don't think you are fat at all! I mean what size jeans did you buy when you were here?!?!?! You are TINY!

    2. Still I gained more than 1 lb in 1 day :) And I can even gain more than 2lb in 1 day.. it's really no exception..

      Jen, I might not be so fat right now, but I know that if I don't keep fighting, I'll loose and I'll gain 40 lbs in less than a year! And I don't even have to eat a lot of candy to do so! Heck being on a diet for 5 months gained me 6lbs!

      I was basically upset because David told me to give it up :s and to never hope to loose any weight anymore.. Not really what I like to hear on a morning I gained more than 1 lbs WITHOUT eating too much yesterday! I didn't even eat any chocolate whatsoever! And I worked out ... It's just not fair... :)

    3. Well I know that feeling. I feel like it is a daily battle to stay where I am right now. I fight to NOT gain weight. I have to fight even harder to lose weight. So right now the battle is maintenance. It's a struggle though. And mentally a bigger struggle. I love food. It's an addiction. I love the act of eating. I think about what I'm having at the next meal while I'm eating the current one. LOL! So I understand the fight. We aren't alone. I'm sure there are many more out there like us.