Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's Not Black & White

Gosh bodies are such funny things. I had a really rough eating day yesterday. In some ways I think I am a binge eater. By that I mean that one thing can just set off a flurry of eating. I am this way on the weekends. I cannot be home all day. This is one reason I stay busy all the time. If I'm home I will just graze all day long. This was the case on Sunday. I did my running and riding early cause I had plans with my mom. Those fell through and I was home from about 11AM through the end of the day. Even my husband said to me at one point "you've been eating all day!". I know it! You don't have to rub it in. lol

So yesterday . . . where shall we start? Let's start with the Krispy Kreme doughnuts that were in the office. I thought I could refuse. I mean I can't have chocolate and what good is a plain glazed doughnut?

Well it's pretty good. I think. I inhaled it so fast I'm not sure I tasted it. I brought two variations of rice krispies treats to work, including Fruity Pebble treats. I had at least 2 of those. Let's move on to the girl scout cookies that are in my actual room - shortbread.

10? I think I had at least 10 of those. Now let's go back to the Krispy Kremes. I had another after lunch! OMG! It was horrible. I felt horrible. Not so much physically but mentally.

I'm one of those people that once I screw up I just screw up the whole day. I need to get control over that. So after work I went to the barn and let Eli graze. I didn't ride. I could have ridden but I didn't want to. So I hung out while he got turnout in the field with grass. His turnout is barren, so this was a treat for him. Then I had a training session at the gym. It was a pretty good session. However I really wanted a soda. I was going to text my hubby to see if he cared. He gave up soda for lent, so I didn't want to tempt him. But instead I talked to my farrier the whole way home and never stopped for a soda. Once I was home I looked like an AA person trying to avoid a drink. I wanted to hop back in the car and go get that soda! But it was already almost 7:30 and we were about to eat dinner. So I didn't. I figured I could distract myself and I did. But I also had too many Club crackers with canned cheese. I LOVE canned cheese. I LOVE crackers. LOL

So this morning I was totally prepared for an increase in weight. Instead I was down .4 lbs. I haven't figured out if my body has a delayed response to my horrid eating days. Meaning will I be way up tomorrow instead of this morning? I don't know. In the diet that I followed to lose the majority of my weight I had to track my weight daily. Once in the maintenance phase I added in foods slowly. If I gained weight the very next morning I needed to take out that additional food and try it again later. I wasn't quite that disciplined. However, I didn't have any huge gains. Generally they meant a gain of like 1 lb or more. That meant your body didn't accept that food well. And if you went over your maintenance weight by more than 2 lbs you had to do a specific correction day. It was all very rigid and it worked well for me. But it implies that your body will react to the foods by the next morning's weigh in. I'm starting to pay a bit more attention to the pattern of eating "bad" foods and my weight reaction. I'm starting to wonder if my body is wanting more carbs. By that I mean it seems I don't increase in weight the very next day. And if I'm working out regularly I may be able to handle them better. Of course I'd add healthy carbs and not Krispy Kremes. It's just a concept and a thought at this point. Or on my no/low carb days I may just not be eating enough calories. I hate tracking to the level that might be required to answer these questions. So I may not answer them. lol

Tomorrow I go out of town with the hubby for a tractor pull. I'm packing work out clothes. However, I'm also packing alcohol. Oh well. You gotta still live life! I feel better when I screw up on purpose rather than yesterday when I felt out of control. I'd rather make the choice to blow it. :)

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