Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's Wednesday!

Well this was a roller coaster week! Whew. I'm always stressed about the number on the scale, but this week was rather crazy.

Let's start with today's weigh in: 179.0 -1.6 lbs from last week!

What a relief! I was really worried about today but I kicked butt on my eating on Monday and Tuesday. The fat % monitor must have lost it's mind though. . .

That is a 0.7% increase. I have no explanation for how that happens when you actually lose weight. This thing isn't the most consistent little tool, but that's a bit off. But this doesn't make sense. I'm not too worried about it though. We'll see what happens.

So let's lay out the numbers:
Wed: 180.6
Thurs: 180.2
Fri: 181.2
Sat: 183.4
Sun: 182.6
Mon: 183.2
Tues: 180.8
Wed: 179.0

You can see I really pulled it together at the end! I expected to go up Sat and Sun cause we were out of town. I did run 3 miles at the hotel both Sat and Sun morning. I had run 2 miles Friday at work before I headed out of town. Monday's weight really pissed me off. I ate very well on Sun. We had pizza for dinner, but I ate SUPER good that day to budget for that. Oh well.

I'm starving right now. Not sure why. I ran 4 miles on Monday on the treadmill. I ran 2 miles outside yesterday and I also did a 5 mile bike ride in the evening when I got home. I'm just super hungry and hoping to hang on and be good today. I'd like to see the 178's tomorrow. I haven't seen that since the end of Jan. Baby steps. . . :)

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