Monday, March 12, 2012

What is normal?

I cannot stand when my weight goes up over a pound in one day. Especially when I worked out, drank tons of water and ate well. I wonder how much fluctuation a normal person sees? By normal I mean someone that is not on a "diet" and is simply maintaining their weight. Whether this is conscious or subconscious. I realize some people can just live life, eat what they want and not ever really gain. But does their weight fluctuate a pound in a day? I'm curious.

This weekend was rough for me. I tried really hard to be good but also to enjoy myself. I had some drinks. I didn't pig out at the free breakfast or free evening snacks. Actually on Saturday morning I had my own yogurt for breakfast. Sunday I had a teeny tiny portion of my husband's waffle and then some sausage and eggs. Sausage and eggs is what I eat every single day for breakfast.

I really don't know what causes these fluctuations. When I was on the maintenance portion of my diet I didn't fluctuate this much. I guess I need to look at my food journal from then and see what I was doing. Yes I've added in different foods to my diet. Bananas for example. If I eat the same thing every day for months on end I will get bored and I will mess up worse than what is happening now. So I'm trying to add healthy variations. But apparently it isn't working. :(

Eating is a daily battle for me. I hate that it takes the forefront of my life so prominently. I suspect it always will though. In order for me to not gain back all my weight I'm going to have to fight for it for the rest of my life. That's a depressing thought! I'd be much more comfortable about this if I could lose 5 lbs and hover around that weight for a few months. I'm just really struggling here and I need to figure out what the answer is!

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