Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Somedays I hate being a girl

Like when it's that time of the month and the scale just keeps on creeping up. I've tracked my weight in such detail that I know I gain when TOM is here. Blah! And it arrived yesterday, which set me up for failure for this week's weigh in.

I'm up 2.2 lbs. But I'm down .3% in fat. So possibly it's just water weight? Let's hope so. However, I'm sure to pack on the lbs after the last two days. My cravings have just been out of control and I'm eating. . . a lot. I'm embarrassed to admit I had two doughnuts today. But I need to figure out how to move on from that. Generally once I screw up the whole day is shot. I have a session with my new trainer at the gym. So I can redeem myself today. I'm going to go run at lunch. It's my punishment for eating. I can stay later at work today cause my session isn't till 5. So I'm going to try to get in 3 miles at lunch. 2 at the minimum. We'll see.

So the numbers are:
Wed: 179
Thurs: 180
Fri: 180.8
Sat: 179.4
Sun: 180
Mon: 180.8
Tues: 181.2
Wed: 181.2 (+2.2lbs)

The only plus I see from analyzing the numbers is that my highest weight is 181.2. . . and last week it was 183.4 So there's a definite improvement. Just writing this blog, that no one reads, helps motivate me to not throw in the towel for today. Just saying that I can regain control of this day is motivating to me. I CAN do this. I have to figure out what triggers binges and get them under control. End of story.

I accomplished a milestone this weekend. On Sunday I ran 5 miles! Woo hoo! I wanted to be running 5 miles before my 5K in April. So I will likely run that distance again this Sunday. I was super excited. I ran it really slow. I was at just over 12:00/mile. My GPS on my phone didn't start working for well over a mile. So I don't have good stats unfortunately. That was a big bummer for me since this was my first 5. But I didn't care how slow I went. I cared that I did it. :) Now I would like to increase my pace and I'm not too sure how I go about doing that. I'll have to research that.

I'm determined to have a better weigh in next week. :)


  1. I read it. :o)

    What GPS program are you using on your phone? My dad told me about Endomondo this week and I'm having fun playing around with it on our daily walks. Having that kind of actual real information almost inspires a person to get out there and move. lol

    1. So smack me for my binge eating please! I use RunKeeper. There's also MapMyRun. The app isn't the issue in my case I don't think. It's the GPS signal on my phone. There isn't any at the start usually and it takes a while for my phone to pick it up. I don't know if that's my phone or the way the app communicates with the GPS. I'd say the phone. I might try another app though. I have MapMyRun but have only used it a couple times. I like all my data in the same place. I want an app that will show me my 1/4 mile splits. RunKeeper just shows me my mile splits. On short runs I'd like to know how my 1/4 miles are and I'd like to work on interval or tempo runs.

  2. I've only used Endomondo in walking mode, so I don't know how fancy it gets. You can use it for biking, running -- even horseback riding is on there. It's free, you should check it out and see how it compares to what you've been using.

    I thought it was garbage at first, until I realized I didn't even have the GPS activated so it was just ticking time. lol You can input your weight and it counts calories, but obviously it's just an estimate.

    One of these days I suppose I should try the run feature or something.