Monday, June 22, 2015

Rain delay = more workout!

This weekend marked the 5th weekend of a row with a 5 mile run.  That was a goal of mine - one day on the weekend is a 5 mile run.  The other day is 3.  Then there are various 2-3 mile runs during the week.  Since I am not training for anything this is the pattern I enjoy and it doesn't take a huge commitment.  It also keeps me in decent running shape and I'm not burned out like I was at the end of last year.

One of my secret wishes was that the weight I've lost this year would positively impact my running pace without much real effort from me.  I think that's actually happening as the pace right around 11:00 is becoming easier for me.  I think before it was more like 11:20-11:40.

We've had massive rains (yes this is a huge problem for those of us that farm).  So it's been humid even if the temps haven't been sky high.  Of course today we have a heat advisory with a heat index expected to reach 105.  I saw that coming.  Flood us first and then hit us with dangerous heat. Thanks mother nature.

I got up Saturday morning and saw an overcast sky and decided I wasn't pressing my luck - 5 mile run - GO!  I had a great run!  I've been wanting to see if I could get a sub 11:00 avg pace in 5 miles and I finally did it!  I will say that I busted ass on the last half mile cause I realized how close I was to making the goal.  Whoop!

Sunday morning rolled around and it was a 3 mile run scheduled.  I wanted to hit the pavement early cause I knew I had to clean Eli's stall and I was also going to ride him.  He's been stuck inside for over a week thanks to this tropical storm we've had going on here in IL.  *eye roll*  So I've been working him every day with the plan that he gets today (Monday) off due to heat.    I woke up Sunday morning to thunder. What the what?!  More rain?  Come on!  I was getting ready and my husband told me it was lightening.  Oh well.  I said I'll call you if I want you go come and get me.  I didn't really think the storm would hit us.  My expert meteorological knowledge lead me to believe it would go north of me.  So off I went.  Run!  Run fast! Beat the rain.   I went out a mile and turned around.  I figured I'd go back and forth on my actual road after that to get the distance so I was closer to home should something happen.  When I turned around - lightening!  Then more lightening that made be flinch.  The rain was picking up.  Umm. . . texted hubby told him where to come get me and started heading kind of away from the storm. He got me at mile 2.28.  I was booking it though.  I'm so bummed I couldn't get all 3 in.  It might have been my fastest 5K!

So back to the house we go.  I'm anal - I need to get the rest of that mile in.  But how long do I wait.  I decide to do Chalean Extreme during my rain delay.

Haven't I been blabbing about doing more weights?  Haven't I been promising myself I'm going to build some muscle?  My husband got the weights out like 2 or 3 weeks ago and there they sat.  So I tell my husband I'm going to do this. . . he says the storm is past.  Oh well. . . . my mind is made up.  So I do Burn 1.  Then I go back out and hit another mile.  Holy hell!  My legs felt so heavy.  As you can see above that one mile is much slower.  I'm so sad I couldn't finish those three miles before the storm. There's nothing like a storm coming to make you run fast!  I did 3 miles that way a could years ago, before I had my Garmin and I'm pretty sure I rocked it!  However the rain delay did cause me to workout more than I planned.  So that's a win.  And I'm *sore* today.  I need to commit to continuing with this program a few times a week and see if I can get some muscle tone back.  The scale is sitting still again, back in the 180-181 range unfortunately.  I really would like to see 176 before I go to Canada.  

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