Thursday, June 25, 2015

I went shopping. . . and bought a dress!

I love non scale victories.  I bought a pair of shorts in a size 14 in early May.  I was going to wear them to a ball game over Memorial Day weekend.  I felt they were a bit too big so I didn't wear them.  I finally got my act together and exchanged them last night for a size 12.  Whoop! :)  I love NSVs. 

Since I was at Kohl's and I'm pretty much in need of clothes, I decided to hit the dressing room.  I've always wanted a long dress or a long skirt.  Often they are never long enough for me, but someone told me to go to Kohl's.  I don't "need' a dress or skirt, like I *need* other clothing, but I ended up buying both.  And nothing else other than the swap of shorts.  I gotta work on focusing on what I need. 

So excuse the sports bra and crappy end of day hair. . . 

Here's the dress: 

I often think dresses make me look wide.  And maybe this does a tiny bit, but I knew as soon as I put it on that I liked it!  I have no idea when I will wear it, or with what bra unfortunately, but if I don't wear it by fall I'll return it. :) 

Please ignore the shirt here. . . . 

I bought the skirt and not the shirt.  I don't know if I have a top that will work for this.  So it might go back too.  I sound like a broken record huh?  This shirt gave me no shape.  As you can see I look much bigger in this photo cause you can't see any waist/hips.  But the skirt is long.  And I think I can find something to wear with it.  I hope!  

I'm so not a girly girl so these purchases were almost stressful to me.  But I love that you can return to Kohl's for up to a year and if it was bought on your Kohl's card you don't even need a receipt. 

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