Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Just so tired. . .

I've just been so tired lately.  It started when I got sick last week.  I had a cold/sinus/allergies or something like that and it slammed me.  I have a runny nose occasionally still, but my eyes are so fatigued.  They just want to be closed.  I thought maybe it's allergies.  I took zyrtec the last 2 days but didn't notice much difference.  Last night my husband and I both fell asleep in the living room by 8 pm.  It's very strange for him to fall asleep like that.  But it did help both of us with our evening snacking issue!   I think if this continues to next week I'll make a Dr appt.  Might be time to check my thyroid anyways.  I don't know if my weigh loss will affect the dosage of the meds.  I've kind of been waiting to hit 175 before I pursue that.

Speaking of weight. . . I clocked in my lowest of the year.

Small little happy dance.  175 truly is my goal for now.  I want to see what I look like and how I feel.  Getting closer! :)  

I've made a different smoothie than normal this week.  Usually I use a chocolate protein powder, banana, ice and almond milk.   This week I've been using my Advocare Vanilla Meal Replacement Shake, almond milk, berries and ice.  Yum!  I make a huge breakfast smoothie. 

32 oz bubba there! :)  It's great. I sip on it at work in the AM.  And then I freeze my ass off cause it's cold in the my office *and* the smoothie makes me colder for at least 30 mins after drinking it. (yes that's my Yadi bobblehead peeking over my cup!)

My car is in the shop.  I need new tie rods apparently.  I don't pretend to know what that is.  My husband's friend is a mechanic.   And apparently Toyota makes replacing the *inner* tie rods a bitch.  They won't sell them separately but they want you to buy the big huge thing they are attached to.  Yes I'm a girl and I don't know what I'm talking about.  What I do know is that inner tie rods run about $35-ish a piece.  And this big huge part runs about $900.  So we are actually trying to replace just the tie rods if it works.  Fingers crossed!  They should be in today.  I hope to have my car back no later than tomorrow. 

So I'm driving our truck.  It's a 3/4 ton Dodge Ram.  My work parking lot is so small it's kind of a PITA to park it.  I like driving it when my horse trailer is attached, but to just drive it as a regular vehicle - it's just too big.  I also drive it slower because of the size I guess. . . so it takes me longer to get to work.  Yesterday when I got to the barn I took my ring off and thought it looked pretty in the little place I found in the truck to stash it. 

I'm sure I've mentioned it before.  I bought that as a reward a few years ago when I got out of the 200's.  I won't let myself wear it if I weight 200 or above.  It's a ONEDERLAND ring :)   I often wear it as a wedding band because it's easier to wear than my wedding set.  And since I take rings off everyday when I get to the barn, it's easier to take off one than three.   I'm so thrilled to be wearing it almost daily now.  It was probably a whole year that I was in the 200's and that baby sat in my jewelry box. 

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