Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Holy 30 pounds!!!!

Holy crap!  I don't even know where to start.  I'm down 30 pounds!!!!

I saw the number I needed on the scale on Sunday morning. I saw 180.8 (I needed 181).  But I didn't quite believe it. I didn't believe it cause I had to get on the scale multiple times to get the same number twice.  I hate that, but I took a photo.  I did my fat monitor.  Just didn't quite want to shout it out.  Then Monday I bumped up a bit and remained the same on Tuesday.  I kind of, sort of, maybe chalked that up to being my time of the month.  I was not feeling well due to cold weather making me sick.  I felt like poop most of Monday and Tuesday so I honestly didn't care what the scale said.  No joke!  Then today I got on . . . I got on 4 times. . . . *all* four times the same weight. . . 

Holy 170's!!!!  WHOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!!   That's a loss of 31.4 lbs since Jan 7th. 

When I started Advocare in January I had hopes for success. I had a plan B.  Have I ever talked about that here?  I was going to do HCG again if Advocare failed.   I had talked to my Dr about it last fall and said I wanted to do it in the new year.  But I decided to give Advocare a try cause I wasn't in the mental state for HCG.  I'm SO glad I did.  I'm beyond glad I did.  This is much healthier and really much easier cause I can EAT!  

I struggle.  I talk about that here.  I probably minimize it a little bit, but the struggle is real.   Yesterday I ate sugar - chocolate covered raisins.  I'm not perfect.  I have weaknesses and bad moments.  But I never ever dreamed that I'd see the 170's in JUNE.  I had hoped to see this weight by the end of the year.  I cannot tell you all how excited I am.  I'm looking forward to the rest of the year and trying to formulate a plan to keep this progress going.  Not necessarily the scale progress, but I need to get off my lazy butt and do some weights.  I need some muscle tone!   I keep saying it and I don't do it.  

I just hope that this isn't a fluke and that scale doesn't skyrocket tomorrow morning. :)   

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