Monday, June 8, 2015

History was made!!!!

For the first time since the year I was born there is a Triple Crown winner!   This is the first winner in my lifetime.  I actually wondered if it would ever happen?!

I'm not a huge racing fan.  I think horses are raced too young and at the lower level tracks they are treated like crap.  That being said, I own my very own ex-racehorse.

Eli was raced 22 times and he won twice.  I think I remember those facts correctly. :)

On Saturday we were at my parents house for shooting party/ BBQ.  I set the alarm on my phone to get in the house in time to see the race.  So far that's all that I've seen.  No pre or post show.  Not even many facts about the race.  

I really honestly couldn't believe he won.  I have watched the triple crown series for several years now.  Holding my breath I watch every year hoping beyond hope that the contender will win.  This year during the KY Derby, the announcers had said that all the trainers were chattering that American Pharoah could win the crown.  He must just impress everyone that much.

On Saturday I went into my parents house and sat at the kitchen table to watch the race.  My little 4 year old nephew came along and I got him to watch them load the horses.  About 30-40 secs into the race he was leaving. . . short attention span you know.  I started standing up and jumping up and down.  My mom said my nephew came running back into the house to jump and scream with me.  She said he would look at me and as long as I was jumping and screaming so was he. :)  I told him that in 20 years when there still isn't another triple crown winner that maybe, just maybe, he will remember watching this race with me.

There is chatter that American Pharoah will race again - potentially 2 more times this year.  I know the Breeder's Cup is prestigious and that is one that is mentioned.  I really would let him retire.  I'm a big fan of going out on top.  I wouldn't want him to get beat.  He just did what no horse has done (and many have tried) in 37 years.  Let him make babies.  But above that, the risk of injury. . . the world would just be heartbroken if something happened to him.  I'd just protect that boy in bubble wrap.  He has enough to do with breeding.  If I'm correct, Thoroughbreds (in order to be registered with The Jockey Club and therefore be eligible to race) still need to be made live and in person with the mom and dad.  They can't do it artificially.  That poses enough risk.  If I were the owner I think Saturday would have been his last race.

This weekend I was shopping with my mom and we ran into my sister in law and her kids.  My nephew wanted to come with us.  So with a swap of car seat we were on our way.  We made one more stop at a grocery story.  When I grabbed the shorty cart he told me that it was a funny cart!  My mom took this photo and it's interesting to me to see a full body shot of myself.  I wish I could freeze myself from the waist up and just lose from the waist down. My poor nephew is wearing his t-ball uniform and I have no clue why his shirt is so freaking huge. 

I'm back at 180.2 for the last two days.  It was eating at the BBQ at my parent's house that did it I think.  But that's ok.  I'm going to buckle down. . . I really would like to see 35 pounds lost.  I have a fun photo idea for that next milestone.  

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