Monday, April 6, 2015

Back to the grind

I'm home!  My trip was pretty amazing.  Probably cause most of it was free for me. :)   London was gorgeous.  It was so nice to be in a foreign country that speaks the same language.  That makes things so much easier.  We didn't have a lot of time to do stuff because we were working M-F but we did finish up and take a half day on Friday.   That allowed us to go see Windsor Castle.  

I traveled to Belgium to see my friends and meet my little Goddaughter.  :) 

Living with a baby was quite an experience.   The baby rules the house, the life, the daily plans.  Whew!  

I ate so much yummy food!  I was worried about how much weight I would gain.  When I got to Belgium I got on my friend's scale.  I converted the kg to lb and thought - this scale must be whacked.   But imagine my surprise when I got home and saw I only gained 2.6 lbs.  Not too shabby for eating an *not* clean diet and eating out most of the time. 

I was at my lowest weight this year when I left!  I'm kind of sad to say I am 190.0 today.  I've gained a whole pound since I've been home.  *cry*  It's hard to buckle down and get back to the clean eating, but I can do it! 

 But given the food I've eaten I'm still happy with the fact that I'm within 5 lbs of where I left. 

London food: Honeycomb Cream Slice, Spotted Dick, Fish & Chips and Steak and Ale pie. 

Belgian food: chicken kebab, food from the frituur, home made videe, and croquette in Holland 

Belgian waffle with chocolate sprinkles! 

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