Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dreams do come true. . .

I finally got to meet my man Vince Gill.  I've been in love with him for as long as I can remember.  I won a meet & greet through the fan club after the concert last night at River City Casino.  Totally a dream come true!

I'd never been there before.  It seems like a pretty cool place.  The concert is in the multi purpose event center.  It's very intimate.  But the seats are close together (connected actually), the floor is totally flat till the risers (with chairs, so not bleachers) in the back. . . I'd say there isn't a bad seat in the house though.  No cup holders on your seats. . . but still quite a fun place due to the intimacy. 

We had the first full row in the middle with only an aisle in front of us. I chose the seats, but never imagined they were this close based on what I saw on the seating chart.  Row 7, but felt like front row since no one was in front of us!

This was a 4 show run called Vince Gill & friends.  He shared the stage the whole time with Charlie Worsham, Ashley Monroe and his daughter Jenny Gill.   Vince has compared Charlie to himself in terms of all around talent: singing, songwriting and playing.  If you didn't know, Vince can *play* - he's highly respected across all genres.  He has played with and for many many people and he's amazing with a guitar.  I didn't realize that as a kid, I just loved him and his songs.  As an adult I'm in awe of his playing skills.  Comparing Charlie to himself is a huge compliment and I really like Charlie.  I'm his newest fan! 

I so loved the collaboration of talent.  The shared stage.  The lack of opening act and headliner.  Though it was clear it was Vince's show, it was really just a lot of fun to watch them share the stage together.  Vince sang my favorite song "When I Call Your Name" with just him and his guitar and no one else on stage.  It was great!  

Then we had to wait for the meet and greet, which I assumed was done backstage, but was done on the side of seating area. It was rushed, Vince seemed distracted and I think that I was a tad disappointed and I said stupid shit.  Oh well. 

I never thought I'd have a photo of myself with Vince!  :)   Sweetness!   I got an autograph.  Not my favorite album, but my favorite album has a grainy photo that is too dark to see a signature (the grain has to be due to crappy quality way back when right?)

I hate shirts with big photos on them. . . especially of people.  But I make an exception for Vince. 

It was a fantastic night! 

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