Monday, April 20, 2015

25 pounds . . . and my "roll"

Whoop! Whoop!!!!!!!

25.6 lbs down!  *Finally*   186 was the 25 lb mark and I was 186.4 the day I left for Europe.  Gosh it took me a bit to finally see this.  And what else do you see???   Finally a "normal" BMI.  The last time I used the fat monitor my BMI was over 27 and it was "high".  Woo hoo!!!!  

Yesterday I woke up wither either allergies or a head cold.  How do you tell?  I never though I had allergies until these past several years.  Blah!  My throat was scratchy, my eye itched, my nose was a leaky faucet.  . . that all probably helped me see this number on the scale.  I just didn't feel much like eating, but I did run 3 miles, ride Eli and do errands.  So I was active. I ate a crap ton of fruit cause when I have a sore throat I like food to go down and scratch/rub it.  :)  Strange I know.

Saturday we went to out first Cardinals game of the year.  I got a new shirt before I left for Europe and I gotta tell you I felt like I looked good and bad at the same time. The shirt didn't hide much cause it was fitted and white.   I had my hubby take a photo. 

*ALL* I see in this photo is my dreaded fat roll.  Ugh.  I told my hubby to let me know when it's showing.  I can hide it.  I can stand in ways that hide it.  I just don't always know when it's making an appearance.  I had him take one from the waist up cause I was afraid it was showing.  That's the one I posted to FB. :)   I swear. . . .   back in the day I had this friend who has quite the belly pooch.  We would shop a lot together.  She was jealous of the fact that I didn't seem to have a pooch.  I would say that isn't true and never was.  But my stomach has always been less poochy than hers.  However she doesn't have a muffin top roll.  She once said she wouldn't give up her pooch if it meant having a roll.  Cause she sees how hard it is to hide.  However, even though I hate it, I'm pleased with my progress and how I look :) 

I'm really trying hard not to push Advocare on my FB.  I get sick and tired of friends that only post about shit they sell.  But it's hard cause I'm so excited about it.  I just never dreamed I'd reach 25 lbs this early in the year.  Really I thought it'd be fall before I saw the 180's.  This is exciting.  I feel good, have more energy, have clearer skin. . . .and I get excited talking about it.  I want to help everyone! :)  But I know I have to wait and let them tell me when they are ready. 

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