Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Stuffed my face

I'm back from Rolex.  I apparently stuffed my face.  A  lot.  I gained over 4 lbs in 5 days.  I gained another pound yesterday stuffing my face some more. :(   Ugh.  Seriously.  I know what I ate.  I ate a lot.  I though the walking would help, but I learned (from wearing my fitbit) that there isn't as much walking as I thought.   Some days it was hard to reach my step goal.  When you walk from the press center, to the stadium and stand there for hours taking pics of dressage, you don't get any steps.  This is me in the dressage ring.

I'm really bummed about this, but I'm determined that today will be a good day.  My hubby and I are starting the Advocare cleanse this week (tomorrow I think) and that will help.  I'm excited to cleanse again!

I might have mentioned I bought my first pair of skinny jeans.  Jeggings I suppose.   I bought them to wear with my Dubarry boots at Rolex.  I saved and saved and bought the boots last year.  This year the weather sucked royally on cross country day and I didn't want to even wear my boots.  Yes they are made for rain and water and crappy weather.   And yes I baby the shit out of them cause they cost a pretty penny.  But I was convinced they would live.  So I wore them.

And I was pretty dang happy with how I looked.  Too bad I was a drowned rat at the end of the day and even during the day, I was covered in a rain jacket and a poncho and no one could see how great I looked.  :)

Every year they have a contest for the media.  You fill out an entry stating which horse and rider you think will win.  The entries have to be in by noon on Friday.  At the press conference following the competition on Sunday, everyone that chose correctly gets thrown into a hat.  The winning rider selects a winner.  This year I actually chose the winning horse and rider (with the help of a friend) and Michael Jung selected me!

You win a bottle of champagne.  A  big bottle of champagne.  Apparently bottles are named after biblical kings.  I got a Jeroboam of champagne. I'm a beer and wine girl and I was underwhelmed. I knew the prize was champagne, but it was still fun to actually win (heck it was exciting to know my name finally got in the hat cause I chose the right horse and rider!).   But what will I do with a huge bottle of champagne?  A Jeroboam is the equivalent to 4 bottles!  I got home, cracked open the crate and then decided to see what this bottle is worth. . . . umm . . . maybe I should sell it! I'd rather have the money!!! 

The story of this year's Rolex is about this adorably cute jacket I bought.  It's an Ariat jacket and it's water resistant.  It wasn't cheap ($180 after tax)

Did I mention I shopped like a crazy woman?  Well I wore this jacket Saturday during the craptastic rainy weather.  Then I had it on Sunday.  Low and behold Sunday was the only day I got hot.  I was sitting in the media seating for stadium jumping.  I hung my jacket on the rail in front of me. Just like the smoking hot dude next to me did.  After stadium I met up with my friend and we went back to the press center.  We had the press conference, I sorted photos and put them on a flash drive to transfer to the guy in charge of our group, I changed clothes for the trip home. . . . it's now 5:15 pm.  Jumping ended around 3 or just before?   I'm sitting there chatting, waiting for the photos to transfer. . . . when suddenly - where is my jacket?!?!  OMG!   I ripped my bags apart, but I don't remember having the jacket when I left the stadium after jumping.  Holy crap!   My brand new jacket - left hanging on the rail in front of my seat.  A friend tries to find out where lost and found is - but let's be real - no one is going to turn in a jacket like this.  I race back to the stadium . . . running almost the whole way.   I went in at the opposite end of where I sat, ducked into the seating area as the aisle connects all the way across. . . I look to my section, people are there packing things up. . . I spy my jacket on the rail - hallelujah!!!!!   I sprint to my area and grab my jacket.  Whew!  I have no idea how I had such luck.  I was sitting in an area that was split between media and rider friends/family so the access was limited.   I bet if I was in general public seating the jacket wouldn't have been there.  Who knows.  Maybe there are good people in this world! I'm so thankful I thought of it before I left - I was about 5 mins from leaving the park to drive home.  I'm so thankful it was right where I left it. If it hadn't been I'd have probably cried all the way home.  On the race back to my seat, I couldn't decide if I should cry or be super duper pissed at myself!  But it all worked out in the end.   Another Rolex (my 11th - my first was 2005 according to my friend) is in the books.  Next up is the PanAm Games in Toronto Canada.  The question of the day is: do I drive (11.5 hours without stops according to google) or fly to Toronto? 

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