Monday, April 13, 2015

I'm an Advocare Distributor!

Oh my gosh!  I don't know where to start.  As you know I started with Advocare at the beginning of January and I lost 16.8 pounds with the 24 day challenge.  I responded really well to the challenge and I enjoyed it.  Both my husband and I have continued to use Advocare products and we both love them.  We don't see discontinuing their use at any point currently so I made the big decision to sign up to be a distributor.  

I have to say I went back and forth. . .and back and forth again. . . . I decided multiple times to sign up and talk to my hubby about it before doing so.  Then I never talked to him.  I kept changing my mind.  Finally after some messaging with a friend (who I would sign up under) I decided it felt like the right decision.  I brought it up to my hubby and he didn't even hesitate.  He was like - yes, I think you should.

I have to admit that I'm generally opposed to the multi level sales companies.  I'm highly opposed to the whole party concept and going to someone's house and feeling obligated to purchase.   Advocare doesn't really have those party/host concepts.  They do have mixers, but aren't really required and there isn't a host and I have no intention of doing one at this time.  I don't go to parties and will not invite people to a party.  What I will do is share the product.  Give some Spark samples. . .  share my story.  I love the product and I get excited when I talk about it.  Someone told me a couple months back that I was an Advocare poster child and should sign up to sell.  This was because I'd post about my success on FB and I was really excited and enjoying the product.

So here we go!  I have to place my first order this week.  I'm hoping to introduce the product to people and help them find a new lifestyle.  I really think that I will enjoy seeing other people succeed.   This isn't like pampered chef, thirty one, scensty. . . not that I'm knocking those companies.  I have product from all of them. .  but me selling those things was never going to be the right fit.  Advocare will allow me to help people. . . help them make healthy choices. .  . help them reach goals. . . share their journey with them.  I never thought that would be something that I might enjoy doing, but it seems like it will be.  I look forward to it!!  I sold one 24 challenge last night to Roger's sister and I'm so excited to she how she does.  I feel like she's committed and that's very important.

If you would like to check out their products, go to my website!  It's still in the works as I don't have a photo or a story yet.  I'll get there!

Here's a current photo of me, taken this weekend.  I was actually pretty happy with how I looked. I have 10 lbs to lose for my next goal, but I'll get there.  It's slower now, as is expected.  I have more travel next week so that doesn't speed up the weight loss unfortunately. 

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