Friday, March 13, 2015

Down down baby . . .

Tell me that title doesn't make you wanna sing Country Grammar? 

I'm going down down baby, yo street in a Range Rover. . . . 
Boom boom baby, ready to let it go. 
Shimmy shimmy cocoa what? Listen to it pound. . . 

Ok maybe it's not the same thing as the scale going down, but when I got on the scale yesterday I started singing this song.  No joke. 

This morning the scale was exactly the same.  Whoop!

So I'm not making much progress on the fat percent.  I think when I return from Europe I may have to start some weight training.  Just more stuff to add to my to do list! 

That brings my total loss to 23.2 since Jan 7th when I started Advocare.  Of course most of the lost was during the 24 day challenge and the rest of the first month.  I'm pretty happy with this.  I was hoping to see 185 before I left for London, but that's not very likely.  I'm ok with that.  

My lowest adult weight (when I did HCG in 2011) was about 173-ish.  I didn't even remember that and went back to look.  178 really stuck out in my head and I think that I maintained at that range for a bit.  So that was really on my goal list this year.  To see 178 again.  I'm slowly getting there.  My highest adult weight (I think 2010-ish when my thryoid went whacky even though I had been on meds forever) was 250.   It's fun to think about how far I am from that again.  It's definitely motivation!

Another thing that motivates me are NSV's.  Like the fact that when I'm wearing most jeans I'm comfortably on my last belt hole.  I do have a pair of jeans that sit more below my waist and those babies put my belt on the second to last hole.   Also seeing my reflection in door/windows is very motivating.  I'm finally really seeing a difference in my hips in the reflection.  Makes me happy!

So I leave for London a week from tomorrow.  My to do list is a mile long and I'm a bit stressed.  Work is still super busy and that makes me exhausted when I get home at night. 

Oh one more thing - I finally read Gone Girl.  . . . can I get my time back?  what I could have done with the time it took me to read that in the evenings.  Ugh.  Great story line until the disappointing ending that ruined it all.  What a way to fizzle out. I wanted to see the movie and I chose to read the book first.  I will not be seeing the movie.  Lame. 

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