Thursday, March 19, 2015


Oh goodness I'm about to pull my hair out.  I'm so busy.  Work is so busy on top of it.  I don't think I've ever been as busy at my current job as I have been the last 3 weeks and this week specifically.  Yikes.  Sometimes it's nice for work to be a bit of a down time.

I'm busy packing. . . that takes me days.  Literally it takes me days to plan this.  And I keep weighing my suitcase.  And I don't want my work clothes to wrinkle, so I refuse to pack them yet.  It's insane.  Airlines need to allow more than 50lbs.  I'm not tiny. My clothes aren't tiny.  It's cold in the places I'm going. . . winter clothes aren't light.  Blah! 

So Tuesday was teeth day at the barn.  This is a major thing.  Horses are tranquilized, they are blindfolded, they get a big ole metal thing in their mouths to hold them open. . . Eli doesn't get blindfolded cause he likes to see me and know I'm there, but he can't see the vet - the blindfold is loosely put on to block the front view, but he sees me on the side. 

I'm *always* there for teeth day.  But this time I gave the ok for him to be done without me as I would be there, but maybe not in time.  I get texts that he can't be caught and might not be done.  I wouldn't let him be done while I'm in Europe so if the vet was pushing back some horses to that time, he'd have to come back yet again for Eli. And setting up for this for just one horse is a PITA for the vet.  So I'm actually pretty pissed about this.  It is *not* hard to catch a horse.  I know why he doesn't want to be caught.  It's his first day out in WEEKS due to weather.  But really - he can be tricked.  Just try.  I don't think anyone tried to trick him with food.  So I abandon my errand after work and race to the barn to catch him in time for the vet.  To say I'm upset is an understatement.  Then my vet (bless his heart - I love this man) tells me Eli was on his "must do" list so he was planning to do him.  I don't know what would have happened if the vet got to the time to do Eli and no one had caught him.  Vets do not catch horses.  So I don't know.  Just a lot of frustration on my end.  Eli got his teeth done, his vaccines and his weenie cleaned (done once a year with teeth).  I'm sure it's his least favorite day of the year!

I got a new water bottle this week.  I paid $40 for this bad boy. It's a Hydro Flask.  I'm not even sure how I found it but I read reviews and this baby keeps stuff cold for a long time!  Then I asked on FB if anyone had one and a friend gave it rave reviews.  So I bought one.

I'm beyond in love with this thing.  This might be the holy grail of water bottles for me.  My water stays ice cold.  The straw is amazing to drink out off (the straw cap costs extra - you can get just the bottle with a screw top cheaper).   I drink so much water I'm going to the bathroom all the time.  I really really want to take this on my trip but it's not light.  So. . . I will likely not take it and be very sad.  I kid you not - this bottle is attached to my body. I'm in LOVE!

Did I mention that tomorrow night is the VINCE GILL concert and I get to meet him after?!?!? Whoop!  Not sure when I will blog again since I leave Sat, but stay tuned. . . 

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