Thursday, January 29, 2015

Advocare random thoughts. . .

Today is day 23. . . tomorrow is the "last" day!  What does last day me?  For me it doesn't mean much.   I have product to continue for 2 more weeks.  I do not want to return to crappy junk food eating.  However I will add some foods in.  I just can't believe 24 days is over already!  That was so fast!

I'm still kind of stuck in my weight loss.  That's ok.  I knew that would happen but I'm really beyond happy to be below 200.  I think that's another reason that I'm continuing.  I'd like to get closer to 190.  The farther from 200 I am, the happier I am.  Like most women I can eat the wrong thing and blow up 3+ lbs in one day.  I know me.  I will stress like mad if that scale jumps up over 200.  

Clean eating is not all that hard.  There is nothing in this plan that makes you count calories.  There is nothing that says you starve.  You eat.  But you eat clean food.  You should see our fridge.  It's stuffed with foods.  There's no room!  We have berries - blueberries, blackberries, strawberries.  We have grapes.  We have cantaloupe.  We have quinoa made up and portioned out.  We have left over cabbage soup.  We have hard boiled eggs.  It goes on . . . .it's crazy!  You have a lot of choices in eating.  You really do. 

I feel more stable in my energy level throughout the day.  I don't have that post lunch crash in energy.  I still have lazy moments but I don't have that sluggish feeling to accompany it.  

I sleep better.  I honestly feel like my sleep is better throughout the night, though it's still hard to get up in the AM.  It's almost like I need more sleep.  Not sure what that is about, but I love the deep sleeps I've been having.  Even when I have trouble falling asleep, once I sleep it's great.  I get up too much to pee thanks to all the water I'm drinking.  And I can tell when I get up that my sleep is better, cause it's harder to get up and I fall back to sleep so much quicker than normal. 

I still have cravings.  I'm not going to lie.  Yesterday I was driving home and I was thinking about how I'd just randomly eat things during the day.  Like maybe I'd stop for gas and buy a bag of chips.  Was I hungry then?  Probably not.  I just like chips and wanted a "snack".  Sometimes I'd buy a chocolate iced cake doughnut with sprinkles from Casey's.  Those are my favorite!!! I'd buy it cause I wanted it.  That's the kind of stuff that is going to have to stop in order for me to be successful and continue to lose more weight.  Maybe that can happen occasionally but it's going to have to happen during maintenance.  And I don't know when that will be or what my weight goal is.  

I'm honestly just really excited.  I feel like I finally lost some weight on my own. For those that don't know, I did 2 rounds of HCG in 2011.   That was tough but it worked.  I was going to do that again this year, but opted to try the challenge before I called my Dr for HCG.   Doing this challenge gave me confidence in myself and my abilities.   I feel like just maybe this is something that I can continue. I hope so!  I'm nervous.  My weight has gone up and down my whole life.   I want to find a happy place and stay.  I think if I can get my husband on board with more healthy eating moving forward that I will succeed. My fingers are crossed!

I'm going to say one more thing - you can do ANYTHING for 24 days.  I realize that food is an addiction like smoking and drinking.  I realize that it's hard to go cold turkey with addictions.  But you can still eat.  You just change what you eat.  Try it!  If you have to count down the days and look for the light at the end of the tunnel that's fine.  You honestly might change that way of thinking as you move forward.  Maybe you don't want to go clean. . . maybe you want to give up soda, candy, chocolate, packaged foods. . . . try it.  I bet you can go 24 days.  But if it makes you feel better commit to 7 days at first.  Small goals.  Attainable goals.  I know you can do it!  Those first 3 days always suck ass for me, but then it gets easier.  I read that it takes 21 days to break habits and make new ones.  Maybe after 7 days, you do 7 more. . . then 7 more.   :)   A few years ago I had this fantastic personal trainer.  He was my "soulmate" trainer.  I loved him!  He moved away and my gym life has never been the same.  But the one thing I carry with me what he would say when I was struggling with an exercise. . . trust yourself.   I carry with me in many aspects of life.  Especially when it comes to health/fitness.  It really got me through my half marathons and the training that went with it.  I repeated it to myself many times during this challenge.  Trust yourself!  I think you will be surprised with what you can do!

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