Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Take 5

If there is one thing I hate about weight loss it's losing the same pound(s) over and over again.  A friend of mine sent me a message the other day saying she's lost the same 3 lbs 15 times!  Lol.  I feel the pain.  I really do. That's my life right now.  I keep losing the same pound over and over.  It happened a few days last week, then I got a good drop on the scale.  It's happening again this week.  And it annoys me.  Yesterday was such a good day.  I did a 2 mile run on my lunch break.  That's not a lot of cardio, I know, but it makes me feel better and bumps my metabolism up mid-day.   I ate well.  And yet the weight didn't go down this morning.  It was kind of up.  Hard to say exactly cause yesterday my scale was a jerk and gave me 2 readings that were 1 lb apart.   I hate that about scales.  

Advocare & clean eating are going really well.  I'm just used to what I eat now. I feel satisfied.  I crave the fruit that I eat.  I would like to add more vegetables, but really I just don't like eating them raw during the day.  Oh well.   

Friday is day 24!!!  I can't believe it was that fast.   My plan is to continue for another 2 weeks as I have the stuff but maybe be less strict.  I want to add things in . . . like the Ezekial bread that I bought to try.  I want to have my breakfast smoothie a few days and see what happens.  Just kind of play around with things.  Oh and we want to have some pork.  Cause we haven't had any pork during this challenge.  My hubby is getting bored with the dinners, but really . . . we often go through stages where we rotate through the same dinners.  This is no different.  Kind of stuck in a rut.  But I'm not bored with it.  Today he's going to this new store to get some chicken sausage that is on sale.  We'd like to try some of their sausage.   So we'll have that with dinner and also some baked sweet potato fries with it I think.  We may go try a new BBQ restaurant this weekend.  BBQ is fairly healthy IMO and I think I'm ok with adding condiments back in after Friday. :)   We'll see. .  . I have a baby shower to go to on Saturday and I am hoping to avoid all candy/cake/bread :)   Wish me luck!!!

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