Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My baby is 20!

Eli turned 20 yesterday.  Well I guess technically all Thoroughbreds turn a year old on Jan 1, but I don't play that game.  So I decorated his stall on Sunday.  I baked a cake for all the barn people and brought that yesterday.  I was riding Eli last night and for some reason I just got really sad.  First I felt like he should have had the day off, but due to wet ground there was no turnout.  So I rode him lightly.  But for some reason I just kept thinking "he's 20".  I don't know why this is so hard for me.  Maybe because I feel like time is really ticking now.  Maybe because I feel like he deserves a green pasture barn where he can enjoy horse life.  My barn is more people-happy than horse happy.  There's no denying that turnout sucks royally and is not something that a horse would enjoy in any capacity.   So that weighs on my mind.  It's just hitting me a lot harder than I thought and I was almost in tears last night as I was untacking him.   I've had Eli since he was 7.  It will be 13 years on Sat Patrick's Day this year.   It's just been a long time and I've promised him a forever home.  I just feel the need to give him that horse-happy home sometime soon.  Not sure how soon is soon. . . . . 

This is Eli as a 3 year old race horse

Yes his real name is Elisha, after one of the prophets in the bible I guess.   I have always shown him as Elijah, cause people say Elisha similar to Alicia and that's too girly.  When I bought him I couldn't stand the name Eli.  But he was 7 and knew his name so I kept it.  Funny how that works.  I don't know why I didn't like it, cause it's a perfectly fine name!  And now it's pretty popular with little boys.   

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