Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Advocare and Onederland!

On January 7th I started the Advocare 24 day challenge with many many other people that signed up for their "All In" challenge.  Everyone started on the 7th.  I have to admit that I've been kind of hesitant to start this.  Advocare has been around a LOOOOOONG time.  When I was in high school (I graduated in 1996) I remember it being sold in the town where I worked.  This guy (yeah he was a rather good looking guy - lol) had this little store from where he did Advocare and some real estate I think.  His little billboard sign outside the store would talk about results people had. . . .  Well time passed and suddenly in the last 1-2 years it seems Advocare has exploded.  I can name soooo many people that I'm FB friends that sell this.  I've had to take them out of my newsfeed cause it was getting slammed with Advocare.   But I would go snoop. . . . and I would see results on their FB pages. . . . then  a friend of mine did the challenge and I saw her results.  So I decided to go for it.  January is the best month for me to do something like this because there isn't much going on and therefore not much temptation.  

Let me say that over Christmas I pretty much retained my weight.  I was holding between 206-208.  I was 208 just after Christmas.  The holiday was no big deal.  I didn't like that weight, but I'd been stuck there for months and as long as I didn't gain over Christmas I was happy.   Then new year's came and I held strong.  I hate that holiday anyways.  But then I decided to do this challenge and every meal was like my last meal on earth.   I just ate everything I wanted and drank soda non stop.  I was really drinking a lot of soda the past few months and I knew that was not a good thing.  I gained weight the few days leading to the challenge.  I weighed an even 211 on the morning of Jan 7th. 

I've had better results on the scale than I expected doing this challenge.  Let me say that the eating program is all clean eating.  3 meals - 3 snacks, not many restrictions other than processed foods, white carbs, dairy. . .   You shouldn't be hungry.  The first 10 days is a cleanse phase.  I lost 9.4 lbs during that phase.   Many people report losing a lot of inches even if they don't lose that much on the scale.  I measured the morning of the 7th, but I haven't since then.  I know my body and it takes a lot for inches to come off.  I always say that's because I'm 5'10" and there's so much more height to take those inches from.  So it's slower.   But I am finally noticing some difference in how my clothes fit. 

Today is day 14. . . I got on the scale and so in the first 13 days I've lost 11.4 lbs!!!!   And welcome to ONEDERLAND!! (again!)

This was my goal for the whole 24 days . . . to get below 200 lbs.  I have 10 days left and I'm so excited.  The weight is falling off.  I will say that I suspect it's more due to the eating than the supplements, but I can't be sure.  I've eaten well before and not had these results.  But probably not as clean.   My hubby is doing the eating, but not the supplements and he's losing too.  I'm finally seeing it in him.  When you see someone every day it's hard to see those changes.  My mom says she can see my weight loss.  So I'm happy about that.   I'm having some trouble with the MNS part of this - phase 2 that is.  But I'll write about that later, if I get if figured out.  For now I'm just so excited to see these kinds of results.  I have to think hard about what to do and how to transition after 24 days. . . . but for now I'm thrilled and I'm finally wearing my diamond ring that I bought a few years back when I accomplished getting to the 100's - and staying there for some time. I can't wear the ring if I'm not in the 100's and if you know me and my love of jewelry it kills me to see it sitting in my jewelry box and not being worn!


  1. Congratulations! That's great and it's wonderful that you have been so successful already! What exactly ARE you eating? Obviously eating whole, natural foods is going to be better for us, but I really struggle with preparation. Processed food is so.... convenient.

    1. I just wrote a new blog post about the eating. :)