Monday, January 26, 2015

Clean Eating

That was a snack that I ate yesterday.  Admittedly that was more than I'd normally eat for a snack, but I was hungry.  I ran 3.5 miles yesterday so I think eating a big more was ok.  However, the scale did go up today and that makes me sad.  I'm still not going to the bathroom though.  So either that's the issue or I ate something I'm sensitive to (that cashews?) or I didn't drink enough water.  All possible. 

Prior to this challenge I would have snacked on packaged food. . . a fiber one bar. . . a bag of chips. . . chocolate. . . all of the above cause those things make you want to eat more and make you crave bad things. 

Will I continue this? I don't know. . . I'd like to think that I will continue to make good choices.   It's really not *that* hard. 

Saturday my husband and I went to the auto show in St Louis.  There were beer vendors. . . popcorn. . . soft pretzels. . . smoothies. . .  . we bought an overpriced bottle of water and shared it.  We were there before lunch and had plans for lunch.  But I commented "If it wasn't for this challenge I'd buy a pretzel".   And I have no doubt I would have.  Would I have needed it?  Nope.  But I'd have eaten it.  So it's all about choices.  There's a time in my life for pretzels.  I know that.  I will be going to ballgames this summer and I will eat crap food.  I'm ok with that.  But right now I don't need it.  I can continue to make good choices for a while and I'm really enjoying seeing how my body responds.  

We went to Red Robin for lunch.  Doesn't that sound horrible?  I got a lettuce wrapped turkey burger with a side of fruit salad.  My husband got a lettuce wrapped hamburger (no cheese or condiments) and a side of fruit salad.  We both left happy and full, but not bloated.  I love that Red Robin offers any of their burgers wrapped in lettuce.  It's fantastic and I wish more restaurants had that on their menu.  

So . . there's this chance. . . I'm told 8 out of 10 chance. . . that I will be going to London for work for a week.  Probably sometimes in March.  I'm going to have to keep making good choices and make that scale go lower and lower.  Travel like that is destined to put some pounds on me.  Not necessarily from bad choices, but different foods, eating out. .  . salt. . . travel. . . lack of exercise.   Yikes.  I haven't yet decided if I want to go or not, but the choice isn't really mine.  Lol

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