Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Shoes. . . shoes. . . I hate shoes.

Ok so I don't hate shoes.  I just hate running shoes.  I never thought this would be so complicated.   Here is my new pair of shoes.  These are also my previous pair of shoes. 

They are the Asics GT-2170's.  The 2170's have a loyal following.  They are a very popular shoe.  Unfortunately they have been discontinued.   WHY?!?!?!    OMG WHY!?!?!   This is a stability shoe and it was my second pair of running shoes.  My first pair (also Asics) were neutral and caused knee issues.  Once I get my feet in the 2170's I never looked back.  Then they broke down.  Who knew a shoe could break down and cause so much pain.  But they did.   That's when I found out they are discontinued.   *cry*

So off I went to find a new shoe.   After trying on several shoes at the running store (and really wanting a different brand) I ended up with the Asics Kayano 20's.  

Oooh. . . . aren't they pretty?!?!   PINK!  Score!  lol.   Unfortunately they don't seem to work for me.  Initially I thought they were fine.  But then I would notice my left knee hurting around mile 4 of a longer run.  I'd run out of it though, so I didn't mind too much.  Then I ran my 15K in these shoes.  The knee hurt.  I could hardly walk after I crossed the finish line.  But I thought it was just the run. . .  however, the knee never got better. My feet also started to hurt.  Specifically the right foot.  I've had massage and chiro.  I roll my foot on a golf ball every day at work.   I foam roll my IT band to help my knee.   I'm not getting anywhere fast.  However, for 2 weeks I ran on the treadmill in these shoes with no knee pain.  But the knee pain returned during the outdoor 6K this weekend.  Ugh.   

On Saturday my new 2170's arrived!  Woo hoo!  I ran 3.5 miles in them on the treadmill last night.  I have no verdict.  The knee didn't seem to mind.  But they started rubbing on the right foot around mile 3.  WHAT?  Now I have a rubbing issue?  You've got to be kidding me.  So I'm going to see if I can lace them differently or tie them tighter.  Or wear some kind of band-aid till they break in.  The rub is under my ankle - on the side of my foot between the ankle and heel.  Strange.   I will say that this is the *first* run since I started half training that I didn't have to talk myself into not stopping.  I was told the 2170's are lighter than the the Kayano's.  But I suppose we are talking ounces here right? The Kayano's didn't feel heavy to me.  But possibly they are.  From a few conversations with different shoe people I think most people do *not* move from the 2170's to the Kayano's.   People seem shocked I ended up doing that.  The Kayano has a lot of gel support.  The guy at the store last week told me that if that gel is in the wrong spot it can hurt.  Which is why I think my right foot hurts - near the ball of my foot.   

Why is this so complicated?  Shoes are too dang expensive to keep trying a different pair.  I only have about 155 miles on my Kayano's. (I use the shoe tracker app)   They are only at about half their life, maybe less.  I hate that I didn't get my money worth from them.   I worry about what shoe I can move into since the 2170's are discontinued. 

You ask how I got a new pair of 2170's?  Well I found Road Runner Sports online.  They apparently can get discontinued shoes if they commit to a certain amount.   So does their sister store Kelly's Running Warehouse.  I won't link to them cause I'm mad about their customer service.   Road Runner has a 90 day road test policy if you are a VIP, 30 days if not.  I became a VIP for a a year for $1.99 (on sale).  You also get 10% off your shoes if you are a VIP.  I figure I will get my next pair from them (should I find a pair to transition into).   Also if you are a member of Ebates you can get 10% back from Road Runner.  I got just over $7 back in my Ebates account for my shoes.  Woo hoo!   I have been a member of Ebates for many years.  As far as I can tell their is no catch. Unfortunately I can never remember to go through Ebates to do my shopping.  So I wasn't getting much money back.  However, they now have a button for your browser that you can install.  When you go to a site that has Ebates, the button lights up.  You click it and that initiates the tracking for Ebates.  You no longer have to go to their site first to start shopping.  I hope that helps increase my use of Ebates and I'll get more money back!  Woo hoo.   

So in the end my new 2170's were a pretty good deal.  I just hope that they work well for me.   I do really love shoes!  I just hate the stress of finding a running shoe. I guess those pretty pink Kayano's will just be worn as a regular shoe or become a gym shoe for regular workouts and not treadmill running. That is if they don't hurt my foot wearing them for non-running activities.   I am determined to get my money out of them somehow.  Or maybe I should just sell them, if people buy used shoes?

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