Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Long weekend

I'm back at work after a 4 day weekend.  Ugh.  I love not working.  I wish I didn't have to work.  In hindsight I probably should have gone a different career path.  I don't hate my job, but I'm not in love with my career.  My friend asked me "why the discontent? You have a choice". . . and then went on to say I can work to save money to buy a house or quit my job and be poor. Not going to lie, I think the whole conversation rubbed me the wrong way.  I think it's quite normal to not *love* your job.  I think it's quite normal to wish your job didn't consume 40 or more hours a week. I think that's human nature. When I asked her if she was 100% happy I didn't get an answer.

This weekend was quite busy.  My husband was out of town Fri-Sun and I really enjoyed the time home alone.   On Saturday my mom and I got pedicures.  I ended up getting gel polish on my fingernails for the first time.  My mom paid, so it was a nice treat.

I'm shocked that three days later and I don't have a single chip.  However, being back at work, with a lot of typing. . . makes me wonder how long they will hold up.

I have been practicing with decorating sugar cookies.  When I was younger I played around with cake decorating.  I think I never really know *how* to decorate a cookie.  Then a coworker brought in these amazing cookies his wife made and I felt like  "hey, I can do that!".  So I started trying.  I have a *lot* to learn and my brain is overflowing with everything I've read and watched online.

This weekend I tried a double decker cookie for Vday.   I couldn't do them during the week to bring to work before Vday.  They were too time consuming.  I read that you should bake your cookies a day before so the grease can escape the cookie.  I baked them on Sat.  I decorated them on Sunday.  I put them together on Monday.  My estimate is 6+ hours of decorating.   Here was my inspiration cookie.  Mine are cute, but not nearly as well done as though. I'm still really thrilled that I managed to pull them off this well.

You'd think that baking cookies doesn't go well with a healthy eating lifestyle.  In some ways that is true. I do eat some dough.  And I do bake the leftover scraps and eat those too.   But . . . I tend to be a very "snacky" person when I'm home.  Maybe cause my house is so small that I spend a ton of time in and around the kitchen. It's very easy to snack. But when I'm decorating cookies I can't snack.   Sure I can take a break, but I don't take many cause I have my icing at just the right consistency.  So that's 6 or more hours of decorating and not really snacking.  Works for me!   lol.  I also have very little desire to eat the finished cookies too soon. I worked hard and I want to stare at them.  Ha ha!   I do eat one eventually but unlike a cookie like chocolate chip. . these sit around so I an admire them.   Also decorating can't be rushed. .. it's very slow and steady . . . I find it almost relaxing and therapeutic.  

However I've had 3 inquiries about ordering cookies since I started posting my cookies on facebook.  I'm shocked cause I don't think I'm that good.  I just gave up photography.  There were many reasons I did so.  I'm not ready to take on another business.   I don't want to have *have* to decorate cookies.  I might plan on making a cookie this weekend, but I can bail and do something else if I want to.  I like that.   So I think I'm going to turn everyone down at this point.   Also it's too much pressure.  I'm already picky about how they look and all I did was bring these to work with me.  

In early Jan I told my husband I wanted to lose 10 lbs by Valentine's day.  I should have thought a bit more about that.  I'm very active.  I eat fairly well.  It's hard to lose 10 lbs in a month unless you have a lot to lose or are just starting on your journey.  When you first start to lose weight, you can lose 5 lbs in that first week.  I don't have that on my side.  I didn't really pay attention to my start date or weight.  I also think I went up 1-2 pounds after I started, for unknown reasons.  However, I was at 198 this weekend.  I'm calling that a 5 lbs loss. (I was around 203.6 and hovering there in early Jan).   I think that's pretty good.  I was 198.6 this morning.  Normal fluctuation.  But it's a long slow road at 1 lb a week.   That can be discouraging, but I want see where I can get by the end of April when I go to KY for Rolex. . .or really by the day before Easter when I run my half in KY.   I want to stay on track till then.  That doesn't mean I won't eat a cupcake or cookie.  I'm trying to find a balance.  Not be all hard core. :)   

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