Thursday, February 20, 2014


It seems the scale is creeping again.  200.2 this morning.  What is the cause?   I assume delayed reaction to too many carbs.   Sunday my husband and I split a burrito at Qdoba.  Those things are huge to start with.  I don't feel like their food is full of lots of crap.   We got a whole wheat tortilla, rice, beans, chicken . . . etc.  No sour cream much to his dismay.  I had a soda for the first time since early January.  It wasn't as good as I hoped.  Not because my taste buds were overwhelmed, but because it was a shitty coke.   Then Tuesday I went out to lunch at work.  I went to Imo's.  I failed.  I got a chef salad lunch special.  That came with cheese bread and a soda.  The soda cups are small. . . but still.   Sunday was a rest day, mostly because it was a crazy day (someone ran into our pasture fence) and time got away from me.  Monday I ran 3.5 miles at the gym.  Tuesday I felt horrible about lunch so I did a Chalean Extreme workout before dinner.   Yesterday I ran 3.5 miles again.   I ate well yesterday but the scale still went creeping.  Gotta get it under control.

Yesterday was my first real run outside in months. I saw this on FB yesterday and thought it was very appropriate.

Lately I've been feeling like that first mile lies.  Sometimes I think it will be a great run and it's wrong.  Sometimes I feel like it's going to suck and it gets better.  I'd say it's usually the latter.  Yesterday was so warm.  The park in town was rather flooded.  I ran around town and often had to get off the sidewalks cause they were holding too much water.  I had 3.5 miles on the schedule.  I'm very very sad to say my knee didn't like it and at this point I no longer know what to do.  My massage therapist is sure I have muscles pulling on my knee in all the wrong ways and that is straining my knee.  I admit she finds some painful stuff during her work.  But. . . I'm rolling my IT band, I'm using arnica, I'm using ice. . . this sucks and there's no other way to state it.   I hated every minute of my run yesterday.  That's the other thing that is bugging me.  Above my knee issue I just feel like I'm struggling. My body feels like it weights 300 lbs.  I have to convince myself to keep running.  My knee doesn't hurt at the start and I was at least half way into my run before it started bothering my yesterday and I still wanted to quit in the beginning.  I didn't have this issue when training for my 15K.   I'm not saying the runs were easy.  I'm not saying there weren't times I didn't want to quit.  But I mean right now I'm still at low mile runs and this is insane.  It just seemed easier when training for the 15.  Or maybe it's hindsight that makes it seem that way?  No way.  I don't buy that either.  I spend a lot of time thinking about what might be different and I come up empty.  Eating is the only thing that I can think of that would cause this.  I haven't drastically changed the way I eat so I don't know what it could be.  I'm pushing on. I  have 5 miles on the schedule this weekend.  Either Saturday or Sunday. . . I've adjusted the runs this week so it should be Saturday I suppose and probably will be.  I'm pondering putting on my old shoes just to see (the Kayano's).  I'm also pondering going to the store and getting a different brand of shoe.  Just to see if that helps my legs (not my knee).  I feel like I'm fighting my shoes sometimes.  Again, that's new to me.  I'm trying to stay positive, but it's hard. 

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