Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday: Up a pound

I had such high hopes for this week's weigh in and I blew it.  I was doing SO good.   Last week I was 181.6.  This week I'm 182.6.   But I'm going to post the chart since last Monday - the 7th.  That's when I hit my panic weight remember.  Check out the numbers.  I really buckled down!

I was proud of myself through Sunday.  The Wham!   What happened you ask?   Well. . . I did really well at Mother's Day gatherings.   But it was the season finale of Once Upon A Time.  And I promised myself that if I did good all week I would have:

MIKE'S PLACE!!!!!  PIZZA!!!  This is a little dive bar in a small tiny little town.  The town doesn't have a gas station. . . I don't think there's a post office.  It has a few bars and a church.  All the best towns in IL only have bars and churches. LOL    Mike's Place has the best pizza and I'm currently addicted.  I live for the next time I can have it.  My trainer has said that one high calorie day is good for you when you do well the rest of the week.  So this was my genius plan.  And I think we can all see I did do well the entire week! Normally we order the pizza cooked.  This time I decided I wanted to try the take and bake.  I had hubby go get it that afternoon while I was at the barn.  That way we could time it perfectly and enjoy it while watching Once Upon A Time.  They tell you not to eat in front of the TV, but screw that.  We baked it on our pampered chef pizza stone and OMG!  This was like pizza utopia or something.  The crust was freaking amazing!   I drool just thinking about it now.  I ate three pieces.  I still thought this was ok though because I ran 5 miles that morning and burned 800 cals.  I was really good that day and I was starving.  And I did NOT have the coke I was craving.  Pizza and coke just belong together like Fred and Wilma.   

Well as you can see I jumped up Monday morning.  I wasn't too worried as I thought I could buckle down. But no... I had a bad eating day on Monday.  Then yesterday mother nature arrived and well. . . chocolate!  So here I am and it's Wednesday and I wanted to be in the 170's so bad and here I am again making no progress. 

What the hell is wrong with me?  I think I do have a bit of a plateau at that 179.  I think 180 is an old weight point for me.  I was maintaining at 176-179 for many months but I can't get back down there now.  I'm going to have to buckle down to get all the way to 170.  But I also wonder if it's a mental barrier as well.   Can I do it?  I think mentally I'm almost there cause I'm getting pissed. lol.  

So a question for those that have lost weight: when do you toss your old clothes?  I threw out a lot of my bigger clothing.  Like the 18-20's.  But I kept many 16's.   I'm in a 12/14 comfortably now and a 10 uncomfortably.  So I just couldn't part with the 16's in case. . . just in case. . . I don't know how strong my willpower is.  I don't know when my thyroid is going to whack out again.   I kept the dress clothes too because for crying out loud I rarely wear dress clothes! So if I do gain back I don't want to buy new dress clothes too.  However, my house is bursting at the seams.  And part of me wonders if I finally remove the clothing if my mental state would be a bit better?  Is it a crutch?  I don't know.  I've had it packed up (well most of it) for months and month now.  It's just something taking up space and I don't really "see" it as clothing.   I see it as clutter. So I'm pondering a big donation to Goodwill.  I don't know. . . 

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  1. I've been looking in my closet lately with the opposite thought -- when do I toss out all the stuff I don't fit into anymore? :o( I bought a LOT of clothes when I lost all the weight. Because clothes shopping is fun when you are smaller!

    I did get rid of the majority of my fat clothes when I was smaller -- but I didn't have a lot of "nice" clothes and much of it was worn anyhow. I was able to donate some, but I threw out a lot.

    I purchase things here and there now when I need them. I will not go out and buy a whole new "fat wardrobe." The majority of what I own consists of Humane Society t-shirts and agility t-shirts. lol

    But I look at my skinny clothes and somehow doubt I'll get back down to that size. The motivation isn't there right now. Shame, because some of that stuff was pretty cute. ;o)