Thursday, May 10, 2012

Benefits of being sick

Weight loss!  LOL.   Ok so I wasn't really that sick.  Just sick enough to not "want" to eat much.  Yesterday I left work around 3:15 and made my way to Target to get some generic dayquil and nyquil.   I was in such a sick haze.  I really should have taken a temp yesterday but I never did.  I got my medicine and half-heartedly looked for a mother's day card for my mom.  I failed there, but did manage to get her a DVD she wants.  Starbucks is right across the street and I LOVE the banana chocolate smoothies.  They aren't really that bad for you.  They contain one whole banana, milk, ice, protein powder and some mocha syrup.  I use to make them myself at home.  I even bought the mocha powder from Starbucks so that it would taste as close to the same as possible.  I didn't eat my banana yesterday so I thought I'd treat myself to a smoothie.  Nice cold thick drinks are always yummy when you are sick.   I LOVED it!   Plus I needed the liquid as I wasn't drinking as much water as normal.

I got home and I took a nap!  I never nap.  Mentally I struggle with napping.  My brain can't relax.  It thinks that naps are a waste of time.   It took me probably a good 30 mins to fall asleep. My hubby came in at one point and while my brain was still "awake", my body was already falling and was in that zone where I couldn't move.  I heard him look at me.  Mr Blue (one of our cats) meowed.  He said "Shh. . ." and grabbed him and took him out and closed the bedroom door. :)   That cat can totally keep you awake if he wants to, but he's worse in the morning when he knows it's time to get up.  I slept till almost 7:00 I think. It felt great!

This morning I happily got on the scale because I knew I'd be down.  179!!!!!   Check out this chart since Monday's panic weight:

That's a loss of 6.6 lbs!  Crazy huh?  Some of that is temporary due to being sick I'm sure.  Though I really didn't rid myself of very much food in ways that you normally do when you are sick.  So we'll see.   Also this is right down at my plateau.  176-179 is honestly where I'm stuck.  It would be nice if I could see this kind of loss from the 179 mark, but I'm not holding my breath.  Why is 170 so unattainable?!   So now I feel human again today and I'm prepared to remain on track today so that I don't screw up a good thing.  It's easy to slip when you have some good numbers like this.   It's one of the things I'm working on.

So today I was poking around my computer here at work.  I found a photo that I thought was interesting and was good motivation for me today.  Every year in April I'm lucky enough to get to go to the Rolex KY 3 Day Event at the KY Horse Park in Lexington as a photographer.   For non horse people this is the biggest 3 day eventing competition hosted here in the US.  It's international level and this year it was part of the Olympic selection trials.  Major stuff going on here. :)  In 2010 a friend sent me a few photos she took of me.  I was in the ring that year for show jumping.  Only a select few photographers get to be in the ring during show jumping.  And since that year, for some reason it's less and less.  They've done away with the press pit they use to put in there.  No one from our group was in the ring this year.  When she sent me the photo I was appalled at how fat I was!  This was April 2010.  In 09 I gained 50 lbs cause my thyroid meds seemed to stop working.  If I remember right I did a detox starting the day after Easter that year.  So I had dropped a few lbs already before this photo was taken.  I had finally found a new Dr and this was right at the beginning of my weight loss journey and the path to finding a new solution for my thyroid.   So I pulled a photo off of FB from Rolex this year so that I could compare.  The photo from 2010 was taken from pretty far away as my friend was in her seat. . . so when cropping in it's bad quality.  And while it's not the best comparison photo, you get the idea.  

My all time high weight was 250.  So I'd guess I'm in the 240's there on the left.  This year at Rolex well you all know where I hover - 180-ish.  :)   Now that I'm thinking about it this is really a true representation of high and low.  While I hit 175 for a moment (75 lbs lost!) I say that I lost 70lbs since that's where my body seems to say.  This photo is as close as it gets.  I'll have to dig around and see if I can find any more comparisons.

On the right - I'm standing on a "Thera-Plate".   It vibrates like crazy.  It's suppose to help aches and pains.  I was standing there hoping to help my hip feel better.  Can't say it did much.  Maybe felt better for 30 mins. They make these for horses.  I think it's pretty impractical to own something like this, but I did get a name of someone that lives about 3 hours from me that has one.  I thought about seeing what my horse thinks about it. :)   We'll see. . .


  1. Awesme! Glad your feeling a bit better.
    And see... you panicked for nothing. :)
    BTW the smoothie sounds awesome!

  2. You look absolutely GREAT, Hoof. Keep up the good work, girlie.