Thursday, May 17, 2012

An article to read

I was at the store last week and I saw the Newsweek Magazine

Eye Catching cover eh?   The magazine isn't that thick for the price.  I mean I'd pay $5 for Cosmo but Newsweek?  So I had a friend yank the magazine from an online "source".  LOL  I did manage to find the article online afterwards though.

I am not fortunate enough to have HBO or I'd have been glued to the documentary "The Weight of the Nation" that aired this week.  I'm sad I missed it.  I believe you can order it online eventually . . . I thought I saw it wouldn't be released till July.  I'll be over it by then. lol

One of the things I struggle with is what/how to eat.  I realize that I can't eat a lot of carbs.  That just doesn't agree with my body and I gain weight.  That's fine.  However, meat is something I think about ALL the time.  I love meat.  I eat chicken   Sometimes multiple times a day!   I bought "The China Study" and started to read it.  I didn't get very far but I could see that if I had I'd probably give up meat.  And then I'd probably be getting a divorce.  LOL.  I say that tongue-in-cheek but not really.  My hubby is a farm boy.  He was raised to have the steak and potato dinner.  While we've given up carbs at dinner I'm not sure we could live together if I gave up meat.  It's hard enough cooking for 2 but to cook 2 different things all the time?   *shrug*  

This article hints just a little bit at meat.  I had hoped it would talk more about it.  The Paleo Diet is huge right now and I'm wondering about it. . . a year ago I wasn't at the point where I could do a diet like that.  Since I've cut out a LOT of carbs I think maybe I could now. . . at least with minimal cheating. :)    From what I've read it sure does seem like America blew up when the "low fat" craze hit.  When you remove fat from something you have to replace it with something else.  And that replacement is fake shit.   I don't eat low fat. I eat cheese.  Twice a day generally.  And it's not low fat.   I add heavy cream to my yogurt to get more fat. It's hard to find full fat Greek Yogurt.  And while Fage has a version I'm not fond of the texture.  And so far I've been maintaining pretty well.  So I won't be trying a low-fat diet any time soon.  But really all this processed food is what is contributing to our problem.   At least it seems so. In the article there's a comment about how even though Americans are doing what the government has told them (low-fat, no meats, etc) we are still gaining weight.   Interesting huh?  So is meat really a problem?  Is it really so bad for us?  We were born to hunt and eat meat.  That's what the paleo diet is based on after all.  I don't think there were fat cavemen!   I walk into stores and there is so much JUNK.  It's gross.   I shop the perimeter of the grocery store and you can't even avoid it there anymore.   At Walgreens, the check out lady always asks me if I want to buy the candy bar on the counter.  They have this weird thing where she gets a nickle for everyone she sells.  It's a different variety every time I go in.   Junk is just pushed on  us everywhere!   Until that changes I think obesity will continue to rise.

Ok - I'm no expert and I don't pretend to be.  I just wanted to share the article and I'm going to keep reading and researching :)   Next up is researching about juicing.  I need to find a way to eat more veges and maybe a juicer is in my future?

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