Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sleeping with the power out. . .

Holy cow. . . I clearly don't sleep when the power goes out.  Ugh.  Last night around 7 or so, the power started acting funny. By 8:30 it was out.  Out out out.  Not coming back on.  My husband called the neighbor.  I texted my mom (she's less than 2 miles away but on a different line than us).  Both were out.  Both had the same issues prior to the outage.

Both of our phones had low batteries, but we had battery packs so we hooked up and got on Facebook.  What else is there to do?  Everyone was out.  Literally a widespread outage.  Our electric comes from a co-op.  They posted on FB that it was an transmission line and was an Ameren issue.  So we wait.

We go to sleep . . . you'd think in winter the issue would be lack of heat right?  Not for me.  It's lack of a fan.  I was too hot!  I toss and turn.  I look on FB.  People are saying the power will be back my 11.  Nope it's not. Then it's midnight. . . still not on.  I wake just before 1:30 am and it's not on.   I look on FB and my area is scheduled to be up "soon".

Bam!  Suddenly the power is back.

Guess who wasn't smart enough to turn the lights off?  Us.  Guess who got up to turn them all off?  Me.

By this point it's much cooler and I'm able to turn the fan on and sleep fairly well.  I'm no longer worried about everything in the fridge.   In the morning it's always freezing in the house because we turn the heat down at night.  I race to the bathroom where it's warm from the space heater (we need that cause we have issues with freezing pipes in the bathroom).  Um. . . guess what didn't come on when the power came back?  Yup. . . the space heater.  Holy freezing bathroom!  My kitty touches my bare legs with his little paws and they are freezing too!  Yikes.  

Who'd have thunk that sleeping with the power off would be so hard?  It was two fold I guess because I was worried about all our food and also because it was just too darn quiet.

Yesterday was day 16 of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge and I was really struggling.  I decided to try something I hadn't tried before - making something with the meal replacement shake mix.

I had this recipe: 

I'm not a fan of a *lot* of PB so I used the regular chocolate shake.  The muffins don't rise but I didn't really know that and I filled 12 muffins as full as I dared. I didn't like how the batter tasted.  But I went on with the baking. . . 

I had enough batter to make 4 more muffins.  Unfortunately the power went out while they were in the oven.  My husband put them all away and I don't know which 4 weren't really done.  That should be fun to figure out.  I tasted one (ok two. . . ) of them and they weren't horrible.  Better than the batter was, but I'm not sure I'd make them again.  But maybe because they took care of my sweet craving I think. 

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  1. I think the lights coming back on in the middle of the night would scare the crap out of me!