Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Some fun recipes over the weekend

It was a 3 day weekend this past weekend.  Whoop!  It was freezing freaking cold without snow.  If I have to be that cold it should at least snow.  It's suppose to snow today.  I believe when I see those beautiful flakes with my very own eyes. 

Today is Day 9 of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge.  Lots of people can't wait till Day 11 which is the first day of phase 2.  I don't understand because I eat the same on all 24 days of the challenge.  The Advocare Daily Guide doesn't indicate any differently.  Yes I'm an Advocare distributor and if I have one complaint about the whole thing it's the lack of definitive instruction and the way directions are spread through the grapevine.  I've heard things that absolutely don't make any sense and some things that are totally scientifically incorrect.   So that's my beef, but I love the products and what they have done for me.  But I'm pretty dang strict on the challenge.  I don't do dairy at all.  I avoid all processed carbs - no whole wheat bread for me.  Not even Ezekiel bread.  No pasta of any kind.  No sprinkling of cheese.  No yogurt.   The carbs I eat the most are fruit, quinoa and sweet potatoes.   

So anyways . . . I'm rolling right along and I can't wait to share a scale update on Day 11. 

In the meantime we had some fun with recipes this weekend.   

 First. . . on Saturday we made a soup that we made last year when I did the challenge (my hubby did not) and we loved and freaking forgot about it.  We will be making this a lot more often.  Here is the link sweet potato, chicken & quinoa soup.   YUM!  It's a crock pot recipe.  Check it out.   I'm eating leftovers for lunch today :)  It looks better in the blog photos. 

We had fish on Sunday and decided to try brussels sprouts again.  We like them but struggle to cook them.  My friend said to cook at 350 for 20 mins, then 425 for 10 mins.  That worked like a charm.  And we learned the smaller sprouts are better. The last time we tried I swear our sprouts were the size of golf balls.  They weren't very good. 

Last night we tried a new to us recipe that people doing the challenge are raving about.  Hummus Crusted Chicken. 

It was really good.  There is zucchini, squash and onion under that chicken.  We'd change a few things next time.  We would butterfly the chicken so the hummus covers more surface area.  And we'd cut back on the amount of lemon we left in the pan during baking.  If you want to try this recipe here it is. 

I've heard it's good with pork chops too!   

This weekend my hubby and I worked out three days in a row!  I took him to the gym with me on Sat and got him a 7 day pass.  I think he's going to join.  He joined the Y with me years ago and didn't last that long.  He had a lame excuse about not liking them withdrawing from his checking. . . umm. . . that's the easy way to pay and whatever.  I still don't know how committed he is, but this gym is much cheaper.  He says he wants to keep his cardio up.  We will see if he signs up once the 7 days is up.  And we will see how often he goes if he does sign up.   I love that he's trying and seems dedicated now.  

I'll be back on Thursday with an update on the results from phase 1.  If you are doing the challenge as well - stay strong and rock on!  You got this!

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  1. Those recipes look delicious! I love dairy and carbs, but I always feel better and have more success on weight loss when I cut them out. Sad panda. :(